Drag Race UK star Baga Chipz told to ‘burn in hell with Thatcher’ after sending condolences to the Queen

Baga Chipz

Drag Race UK star Baga Chipz has been told to ‘burn in hell’ for sending her condolences to the Queen after the death of Prince Philip.

Condolences have been pouring in for the British Royal Family after the death of Prince Philip on Friday (9 April) morning. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died aged 99. Buckingham Palace issued a statement that spoke of the Queen’s “deep sorrow” following her husband’s death.

Many politicians and celebrities have offered their condolences for the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family. Prime minister Boris Johnson said Prince Philip “inspired the lives of countless young people”.

Drag Race UK icon Baga Chipz also offered her condolences to the Queen, but the drag artist said she’s received online abuse for offering the monarch support. Baga Chipz said that some people had told her to “burn in hell” with Prince Philip and Margaret Thatcher. She wrote on Twitter that she just wanted to be “nice to people and try and make people happy”, but she is “always the one who gets hurt”.

“I’m getting all these people who don’t even follow me telling me to burn in hell with Philip and Thatcher,” Baga Chipz wrote. “All I did was send my condolences to the queen. Joe Biden just did the same.”

She apologised if she “caused offence” and explained she has “seen first hand what loss can do to the elderly and just wanted to send love”. Baga Chipz added: “Don’t mean I support the person who passed. Thought I was being nice. I’m sorry.”

In a later tweet, Baga Chipz said she was “coming off Twitter” because she is “not in the right mental state for this type of abuse”. She added the online abuse “brings back my school days”. The drag icon ended the tweet by saying: “I love you all. And be kind to one another. Lots of love.”

Fans were quick to offer support to their Drag Race favourite. One person said Baga Chipz shouldn’t have to “apologise for showing compassion” to Queen after Prince Philip passed. She added: “These same people attacking you would hope for compassion if it was their loved one who had passed.

“You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Another person commented that Prince Phillip was still a person “at the end of the day” who should be respected. They said: “At the end of the day. Phillip was a husband, a dad, a grandad and great grandad.

“He, and the family, regardless of the positions, should be respected. Someone’s family member has just died and it’s astounding the lack of respect people have”.