It’s official – twerking for Lil Nas X is an acceptable reason to miss your World of Warcraft raid

Lil Nas X

There are many reasons why you might be late for a World of Warcraft raid. Now, twerking to Lil Nas X is one of them, officially.

For his birthday, Lil Nas X asked everyone on the planet to stand outside and twerk to his chart-destroying number one hit “(Montero) Call Me By Your Name” simultaneously. He’s probably joking, but maybe we should do it?

One plucky fan responded “Sorry king, I have a raid in World of Warcraft at that time”. A fair and understandable excuse, to be honest.

But no, not for the official World of Warcraft account. In a tweet that was shared by none other than Lil Nas X himself, they responded: “Surely your raid leader would understand if you were a little late”.

And they’re right. What better excuse to be late for a raid than a quick twerk for the birthday king in honour of his number one chart-smashing bottoming anthem of a single? 

We have a compromise though: what if the twerking took place in World of Warcraft? Which race would be best at twerking? And does Lil Nas X even play World of Warcraft himself?

He’s certainly no stranger to gaming. He and his label just released a Twerk Hero browser game that has you twerking on Satan’s lap in time to Montero, jiggling butt physics and all. It’s a fun distraction to accompany the single.

One fan even recreated the iconic video in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was shared by Lil Nas X on Twitter. There might not be a never-ending stripper pole in the game, but it’s simple enough to take a flight on Dodo Airways straight to hell.

World of Warcraft isn’t known for its LGBT+ representation, but last year a transgender character was added to the game.

Pelagos, a Kyrian, was assigned female at birth but in death his spirit has taken male form and uses he/him pronouns. 

Terra is another transgender character in the game, an NPC character as a tribute to a trans Blizzard employee.