Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X’s new music video for ‘HE KNOWS’ is for the bisexuals

The music video is so bisexual-coded. (YouTube/Camila Cabello)

Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X just released the new music video for their collaboration “HE KNOWS”, and it’s so bisexual-coded. 

The brunette-turned-blonde singer has teased her new hyper-pop, Charli XCX-inspired era with her latest singles “I LUV IT” (featuring Playboi Carti) and her latest track “HE KNOWS” with the “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” hitmaker.

The official music video for their duet, which dropped on 22 May, shows the pair embroiled in a steamy dance battle over a mutual love interest – who turns out to be a mannequin.

Directed by Onda and filmed in a warehouse, the music video is an unapologetic celebration of queer love. Cabello is the first to approach the romantic interest in a sparkly bikini top and sage skirt (note: her matching eyeshadow), but the “Panini” singer – who is just as bedazzled in a sparkly muscle tee – pays her no mind as he locks eyes with the fellow dancer.

Cabello gets visibly upset before jumping onto Lil Nas X’s back to start a fight with the rapper, before they realise that their mutual crush is “plastic”.

The music pauses as the pair make the realisation. “Oh my God, he’s -“, Cabello begins.

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“He’s bald?”, Lil Nas X responds.

“He’s plastic,” Cabello responds in shock.

“But he’s also bald,” the rapper quips, ending their fight.

The pair then hold hands outside the club, with the “INDUSTRY BABY” hitmaker pleading: “Let’s promise to never fight over a boy again.” But their plan quickly gets foiled when another love interest catches both their eyes.

Cabello told Rolling Stone of the music video: “I just loved the idea of us fighting over this fluid guy, who we don’t know which way he’s leaning.

“We both would have so much fun with this and have so much fun with the video, so we got to make it a reality.”

Camila Cabello’s new album C, XOXO is set to be released on 28 June.

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