Over 20,000 fans sign petition for Days Gone 2 after Sony fails to green-light sequel to hit game

Days Gone

Fans have launched a petition for Sony to approve Days Gone 2.

The open world zombie adventure from Sony’s in-house Bend Studio was in the news recently, in a Bloomberg article discussing Sony’s first-party exclusives.

The article focused on an internal team at Sony who began work on a potential remake of The Last Of Us.

Among the news, the article also noted that Sony refused a sequel to Days Gone pitched by the studio due to its lengthy development and mixed reception.

Instead, the Sony Bend team are said to be working on a new Uncharted game with support from Naughty Dog.

Now, though, fans are showing their support for Days Gone with a Change.org petition for a sequel that’s already amassed thousands of signatures.

“They can’t just pull the plug on such a amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger,” it reads.

Despite receiving a lukewarm response, the first Days Gone game was profitable. 

Former Sony Bend game director Jeff Ross has since confirmed the planned sequel would have been a “shared universe with co-op play”, as reported by Video Game Chronicles.

Regardless, Days Gone will soon be released on PC, following the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding as ported PlayStation exclusives.

Launching on 18 May, it will have new customisable display options, mouse and keyboard support, and a super resolution photo mode. It will be available on both Steam and the Epic games store.

If you’re yet to play Days Gone it’s currently available for free for PS Plus members in April only.

The game features a motorcyclist bounty hunter surviving huge hordes of zombies in an apocalyptic open-world.

PlayStation 5 owners can also play the game for free as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection of best-selling PS4 games.

Sony are yet to respond to the Days Gone 2 petition, but due to the reported internal decisions its development seems unlikely.

You can sign the petition here.