OJ Simpson is suddenly really concerned about women’s rights

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson has given an opinion no one asked for on trans athletes playing sports, insisting it is “unfair” for them to compete.

Simpson, who was found liable for wrongful death in the death of his wife in a civil lawsuit in 1997, having been acquitted of her murder in 1995, suddenly found himself very concerned about women’s rights on Sunday (18 April).

In a video posted to Twitter, he said that over the weekend “for some reason the conversation amongst all my golf buddies got about this thing about transgender males, especially in high school, competing against the girls”.

He said that at first he “didn’t have much of an attitude about it”, but then added that he had been “upset” about Olympian Caitlyn Jenner playing sports. Simpson was famously friends with the late Robert Kardashian, who represented him in his criminal murder trial and who was married to Kris Jenner. Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner were friendly before the former’s death.

Deadnaming and misgendering Caitlyn Jenner throughout, Simpson said: “One guy reminded me how upset I was when some friends from my old country club in California told me that [Caitlyn] Jenner was playing from the ladies’ tees… somehow it just bothered my senses that [she] would be playing from the ladies’ tees.”

He continued: “Somehow I just thought it was some sort of unfair. In any event, I say yep, I guess I’m against it. I’m against transgender males competing against women.”

Simpson then went on to say that the topic was “making his head hurt” and that he “didn’t want to think about it”, which begs the question of why he decided to offer his opinion in the first place.

OJ Simpson slammed trans women in sport as athletes across the US are banned from competing.

OJ Simpson’s rambling diatribe comes as Republican lawmakers across the US take aim at trans athletes by banning them from competing as their correct gender.

Mississippi passed legislation to ban transgender athletes from female sports teams in March this year, and was followed closely by Arkansas and Tennessee.

Just last week, North Dakota representatives also passed a bill banning trans athletes from playing sports as their correct gender, and Florida advanced a bill that would not only ban trans athletes from school sports but would also, horrifyingly, require schools to perform an “examination” to verify a student’s genitals in some cases.