Defiant gay teen suspended for painting his nails wins fight against school’s ‘homophobic’ dress code

Gay Texas teen Trevor Wilkinson

Gay teenager Trevor Wilkinson, who was suspended for wearing nail polish, has won his fight against his Texas school board.

The Clyde High School senior, 17, received an indefinite in-school suspension in November last year for breaking the school’s “homophobic and sexist” dress code that prohibited nail polish for male students only.

Wilkinson started a petition against the code, which was signed by hundreds of thousands of people, before taking his case to the school board. 

Highlighting the school’s “double standard”, he asked board members at the time: “Why is it against dress code for a man to be comfortable with his masculinity and defy the gender norms society has imposed on us?

“Why is it harmful for me to wear nail polish? If it’s not harmful for girls to wear it, why is it harmful for males?”

Now, months later, Trevor Wilkinson has finally convinced Clyde School Board to introduce a gender-neutral dress code.

On Monday evening (19 April), the board unanimously voted to bring in gender-neutral language in the school handbook, starting from next academic year.

According to the Abilene Reporter, the new code no longer mentions nail polish or makeup at all, and all other requirements will apply to all students, regardless of their gender.

Board members even included high school students in the drafting of the new code.

Trevor Wilkinson told local news station KTXS: “It is with great honour that I am pleased to announce that Clyde High School’s dress code is officially gender-neutral forever.

“I’m at a loss of words for the joy I am feeling on this special day.

“I am so blessed by the support, love, and help I have received through this experience.”

He added on Facebook: “It has been great to be able to help be a small part of a much needed change.”


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A week ago, Trevor Wilkinson shared photos of his senior prom on Instagram, wear he wore a bow tie, braces and nail polish, of course.