Christian woman tries to ‘exorcise’ gay teen in chilling video: ‘This is religious abuse’

Gay TikTok user seliabrookes

A Christian woman subjected a gay teenager to a conversion therapy exorcism in a disturbing viral TikTok video.

TikToker @seliabrookes posted her first ever video on Wednesday (12 May), and it has already racked up almost 3,000 comments and more than 45,000 likes.

It shows the gay teenager standing silently at her bedroom door, while a woman, presumed to be her mother, stands in the performing an exorcism on her.

The woman shouts, getting steadily louder: “Thank you Jesus! Demons, foul spirits, lying spirits, Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, the name above all names!”

Raising her arms in the air, she shouts: “Praise you Jesus!”

As her mother walks away the teenager turns to the camera as her face crumples into tears, before walking towards the person filming her.


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The young TikToker overlaid the video with the text: “If you’re wondering what religious abuse is, here.”

She also used the hashtags “abuse”, “religion”, “LGBTQ” and “emancipation”.

Commenters expressed their sympathy with the teen, with one writing: “No hate like Christian love.”

Another said: “As a Christian, I’ll never understand how this is okay. This is the complete opposite of what God stands for.”

Others said they could relate to her experience, with one commenter writing: “I had family like this and it’s heartbreaking and unfair.”

“My mom used to beat me to go to a Pentecostal church where they told me I was going to hell at eight years old for wearing pants,” said another TikTok user.

The TikTok was later shared on Twitter where many users compared the woman to the mother in Stephen King’s Carrie. 

One Twitter user pointed out: “Pretty sure Jesus wasn’t about hate. So this lady ain’t going to the place she thinks she is.”