Under Armour’s new Flow Velociti Wind running shoes are the must-have trainers everyone’s after

The new running shoes give runners a close-to-the-ground feeling. (Under Armour)

A new pair of trainers from Under Armour are a must-have for runners. The Flow Velociti Wind running shoes dropped earlier this year and it sees the brand say goodbye to rubber soles and embrace a new technology.

The removal of rubber soles gives runners a close-to-the-ground feeling with its all-in-one cushioning that feel light on the feet.

The trainers also connect to the app MapMyRun which you can link up with your current devices to track and analyse all the metrics of your work out.

This means you can leave your phone at home and focus on your run, before connecting the details of it to the app when you’re done to track your speed, distance and more.

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The trainers are described as “low weight, high grip” with a cushioning that helps runners stay fast and focused.

They’re available in a number of colours including red, green, black, grey and pink, with sizes starting at three and going up to 11 and a half.

The trainers are priced at a hefty £140 from the Under Armour website but they seem to be worth it according to reviewers.

The Flow Velociti Wind running shoes. (Under Armour)

The Flow Velociti Wind running shoes. (Under Armour)

A number of reviews, including Road Runner Sports have complemented the shoes saying: “Some of their [Under Armour] models felt like almost too much shoe underfoot.

“This caused them to feel heavy and bulky on the run, but the Flow Velociti Wind is the complete opposite.”

While Athletics Weekly say: “It’s a versatile, useable shoe for everyday running, giving you a smooth and lively ride.”

Another reviewer from Wareable gave the shoes a four-star review but noted that app, MapMyRun’s connection with “Strava is missing, as is support for running and smart watches for real-time data.”

To find out more and to get the shoes head to underarmour.co.uk.