Twitch partner banned after making vile, misogynistic, body-shaming insults against female streamer

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Twitch streamer iNSUPERABLE has been suspended for misogynistic behaviour against a female streamer.

On 21 May, streamer itsrachryan and her friend hosted a “Just Chatting” stream where they wrote a user’s name on their body if a certain number of subscriptions were donated. 

This is typical hot tub streamer content, though itsrachryan was not in a hot tub.

In his own stream, iNSUPERABLE took it upon himself to comment on itsrachryan and her friend in a series of sexist remarks.

“If I saw the girl on the left dude, in a bar in Montreal, I would definitely skip on that s**t,” he said. 

“The girl on the right though, we can talk about it dude. The girl on the left dude, she’s like the fat, ugly wing girl. You know like when you tell your chick, hey can you come to my party, bring your friend right, and she comes to the party, and that’s the friend she brings.”

The clip and comments were relayed back to itsrachryan who took to Twitter to ask Twitch for support.

“This partnered streamer came into my friend’s chat last night being more than just disrespectful and using our streams for his own content. People like this shouldn’t have a platform on Twitch or anywhere,” she wrote.

Many responded to her with messages of support.

However, iNSUPERABLE later responded with a Twitlonger claiming he was “blackmailed”.

He explains how he stumbled upon the stream and donated to her along with his community, but itsrachryan demanded more knowing he was a Twitch partner.

Twitch Partners receive additional perks, including extra emotes, 60 days of past broadcast storage and dedicated financial support from Twitch.

“She kept going at me and roasting me and trying to shame me for what I said above and at some point I got fed up and ended up calling her the words that I did. I didn’t like how she was trying to ”blackmail” me into donating even tho I HAD donated,” he says.

“I wasn’t in the right to call her a fat ugly bitch but I was a bit drunk and emotional and really didn’t like how she kept bashing me for something I didn’t even do.”

iNSUPERABLE has since had his Twitch channel suspended and itsrachryan has deleted the videos of her stream.

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