There’s an amazing rainbow nipple sweatshirt you can get to celebrate Pride 2021. Yes, really

The rainbow nipple sweatshirt for Pride 2021 is available in four colours. (The Spark Company)

A rainbow nipple sweatshirt has been released to celebrate Pride 2021. The clothing item from brand The Spark Company wants you to “wear your Pride on your chest and free the nip”.

The Pride merch is priced at £35 and you can get it from The Spark Company, in support of two charities.

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It’s available in four colours including white, black, grey and pink in sizes six to 20.

The sweatshirt has received five-star reviews from customers, with one saying: “Love love love this sweatshirt!”.

Another who bought it for their grandmother said: “Thank you for this awesome jumper! My Nana Jean is now officially my proudest ally around.”

The website donates part of its profits to the Albert Kennedy Trust and Bloody Good Period all-year round, so this includes any sales from its Pride collection.

They say: “For us, this is much more than slogan tees. From the beginning we wanted Spark to be a community that paid it forward, championing the causes and brands that aligned with our values.

“Our products are about expression and finding your voice, but we wanted to be about action as well.”

The brand also sells other Pride merch with donations to akt and Bloody Good Period. (The Spark Company)

The brand also sells other Pride merch with donations to akt and Bloody Good Period. (The Spark Company)

The sweatshirt isn’t the only Pride merch you can get from the website as they sell more than 70 products in the LGBT+ section, which they say is “all about being your true-self right where everyone can see it.”

Other items include slogan t-shirts, vest tops and sweatshirts with “Sounds Gay, I’m In”, “I Can’t Even Think Straight”, “The Future Is Equal” and “Exist Loudly” on them.

There’s also merch featuring the lesbian, trans, pansexual, non-binary asexual and bisexual flag colours, with prices starting from £19 to £35.

To shop the Pride jumper and other merch head to The Spark Company website here.