Chronicles of Narnia star Georgia Henley does Aslan proud as she vanquishes pathetic homophobic troll


Chronicles of Narnia star Georgia Henley is all grown up and doing Aslan proud as she shuts down homophobic trolls like the queen she is.

The English actor is best known for playing young Lucy Pevensie in the popular Chronicles of Narnia film series. Over a decade has passed since then, and she’s now 25 years old and a fierce LGBT+ ally.

That didn’t go down well with one Twitter troll, who launched into a homophobic rant after learning that the star of a franchise with seriously strong Christian overtones supports queer people.

“Homosexuality is one of the decays in the human species,” they tweeted, “made more popular and acceptable since the 1960s. Normality and innocence has taken a backseat in society’s self-made journey to destruction.

“I cannot believe that the Narnia actress has stooped so low.”

Queen Lucy the Valiant was having none of it. Adding her own caption to the message, Georgie hit back: “And I’ll stoop lower!!!!” dropping in a couple of angel emojis for good measure.

She capped it off with a smiling selfie of herself listening to a fellow noughties classic, Flow Rida’s “Low”.

Her clapback was immediately praised by her loyal subjects, who were thrilled to see her throw down on Twitter.

“Embarrassing display for such a big Narnia fan given that Aslan threw the first brick at Stonewall,” commented one.

Long live the Queen!