The Elden Ring gameplay trailer has finally been revealed – and boy, was it worth the wait

Elden Ring

Elden Ring has finally been given a gameplay reveal trailer and a release date after a two-year wait for fans.

First announced at E3 2019 in a teaser, Elden Ring is the next game from FromSoftware’s celebrated Dark Souls director Hidetaki Miyazaki in collaboration with Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin.

Since then news on the game has been non-existent beyond a few leaks, until now.

At the launch of the Summer Games Fest, a brand new trailer for Elden Ring was shown and the release date announced: 21 January 2022.

It’s due out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, as well as Xbox One and PS4 (with free upgrades between console generations).

The game looks to have typically Souls-like combat but now takes place in a more open world that’s as grim and haunting as you’d expect, with an extra dash of colour. Mounted combat is now included as you traverse the land.

Within that are some of the most frightening and imaginative monster designs yet from Miyazaki.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring. (From Software)

Further details have been given on the game’s website.

You’ll play as the Tarnished, tasked with brandishing the power of the Elden Ring to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. The ring has been shattered, causing a great war.

The world features “vast fantastical landscapes and shadowy, complex dungeons that are connected seamlessly” and must be traversed on foot and on horseback, either alone or online with others. 

The site hints at different areas too, including “grassy plains, suffocating swamps, spiraling mountains, foreboding castles and other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title”.

Presumably those swamps will be the typical poison area in every Souls game we all love to hate.

The game will also feature a dynamic weather system, as well as night and day system that will impact gameplay.

Check out the stunning trailer for Elden Ring below.

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