Drag Race icon Bimini Bon Boulash wants to be London’s first non-binary mayor

Bimini Bon Boulash

Drag Race UK icon Bimini Bon Boulash has hinted that they could one day enter politics as the first non-binary mayor of London.

Bimini was discussing the Tory government’s recent decision not to legally recognise non-binary identities – because they are allegedly too “complex” – when talk turned to their own political aspirations.

Speaking on the United Queendom podcast, Bimini suggested they would spur the government into action when they “come knocking on Downing Street’s doors” in just a “few more years”.

“Then we’ll see what happens,” they said.

When asked if that meant they’d like to run for prime minister, the non-binary icon suggested another post.

“Maybe Bimini for mayor first,” they said. “Sadiq [Khan] can pass on the baton. Sadiq’s my mate, we had lunch.”

Bimini said they have “always been very political”, and they “wouldn’t say no” to City Hall.

Bimini said that regardless of their future path, they are “always going to be vocal and say what I think”.

They feel “very lucky” to have grown up in a “scene in east London where these conversations have been had but they’re also not the defining character of people”.

“Everyone’s identity and everyone’s journey is totally valid, and it’s how you see yourself and how you are and that shouldn’t be judged or discriminated by anyone,” Bimini said.

They continued: “What I love about east London is, those conversations are accepted by everyone, there’s no judgement there, so I’m lucky to have that, and I know not everyone has had that and I hope these conversations we have open that up a bit more.

“Wait til I’m in parliament – in a look!”

The Drag Race UK star has openly spoken about their journey to discovering their gender identity. In an interview with The Evening Standard, they said they knew they were non-binary from a young age.

“I always knew that I was neither here nor there – like I was in between,” they said. “That’s how I’ve always felt. The term ‘non-binary’ only came around [into currency] a couple of years ago. I realised it made sense.”

Bimini Bon Boulash explained that they feel like humanity will “be able to move forward together” if “we don’t split up people and expect someone to be a certain way just because they’re female or male”.

“Look at all the stereotypes and labels that we put on ourselves,” Bimini said. “Just let people be a human.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bimini said they believe “the universe” decided that Lawrence Chaney would win Drag Race over them.

“Is it a relief to not to win?” they said. “Not really, it would’ve been iconic to say I won Drag Race, but I’m also very proud of Lawrence, and Lawrence fully deserved it. But I don’t know if I’d be able to be doing all the stuff I’m doing now if I had, so maybe… I’ve been working on music, lots of performances, and working on a lot of cool editorial photoshoots, shot with Italian Vogue, there are big moments coming out.”