Video of dominatrix making sub chant ‘trans women deserve respect’ accidentally ends up on Twitch front page

Twitch kink BDSM

Twitch viewers were shocked recently when a kink Pride show was shown on the front page, despite the fact that “sexually suggestive” content is against Twitch rules, with many streamers receiving bans.

However, on 25 June, a BDSM video for a Pride show was highlighted on the front page, which startled a lot of Twitch users: unaccustomed as they are to seeing anything kink-related.

The video features a dominatrix with her sub repeating “trans women deserve respect… trans women deserve to be loved”, with plenty of kissing, mild nudity, quite a bit of writhing – not to mention spanking. 

The channel rhondaintl has 1,200 followers and describes itself as “LA’s premiere passionate party community”, but no videos of streams have been saved.

The stream was part of a #Rhondavision event that is livestreamed only. The event was for Pride and was a collaboration with various artists.

Twitter user Xillix shared a video of the front page slot, shocked at the (frankly, not that rude) content.

“It really feels like an anything-goes website nowadays. If someone wants to do this there are sites for that, Twitch shouldn’t have sexually suggestive content on the front page (or on the platform imo),” they said.

Many of the replies complained that this content is against Twitch TOS and shouldn’t be highlighted, especially where other streamers have been banned for less.

Others responded that Twitch is a gaming platform, when in reality there is a wealth of different types of content beyond gaming.

However, as one Twitter user replied, “Content creators deserve a safe space but there has to be a line in the sand and everyone who continues to blur that is only ruining the experience for gamers and other content creators who align their content within TOS guidelines, as they should.”

Drag performer Lucille has since hit back at the original Twitter post to explain how the pandemic has had a detrimental effect on queer performers and forced many to find alternatives – like Twitch.

“Again, I believe wholeheartedly in content filters and allowing people to opt in to adult content,” they said. “But let’s not vilify trans artists for trying to continue queer art in the only way possible rn.”

They continue: “Let’s also remember that s*x work is a cornerstone of trans and queer history.

“If you’re going to celebrate Pride, s.w. is a part of that. For many trans people throughout history (and even still today), s.w. is how you survived.”

It seems likely that Twitch didn’t research the rhondaintl channel before highlighting. Anyway, happy Pride! 

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