Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon says Tories don’t ‘give a s**t’ about non-binary people

Drag Race UK Ginny Lemon

Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon has condemned the Tory government for not ‘giving a s**t’ about non-binary people – or anybody else but themselves.

Speaking to PinkNews, the Worcestershire queen admitted that they aren’t “necessarily political”, but can “call out the bulls**t” when they see it.

During their time on Drag Race UK, Ginny won praise for the moving heart-to-heart discussion they shared with Bimini Bon Boulash about being non-binary.

Ginny said the exchange was “most positive thing” to come out of their time on Drag Race UK, but admitted they’ve only seen the episode once, finding it “extremely hard” to watch back.

“Because at the end of the day, I’m seeing myself crying on telly. It’s a very emotional thing to watch,” Ginny explained. “But I was able to put my own emotions aside, and I started to feel this overwhelming surge of love around the world, and I’ve been very lucky.”

Though Ginny and Bimini’s discussion was a high point for non-binary representation on mainstream UK television, it came amid a storm of negativity and government inaction on trans rights.

The Tory government, having already ditched plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act, admitted in May that it has “no plans” to give non-binary legal recognition, because it would have “complex practical consequences”.

When asked for their thoughts on the decision, Ginny said the “simple answer” is that the “Tory government are absolute wankers”.

All they give a s**t about is keeping themselves rich.

“As a working-class person, I’ve worked my a** off for years and abided by every single rule I possibly can in order to survive in life,” they said. “Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t even surviving.”

Ginny believes the government only “care about looking after themselves and their own bank balances”.

“So why on earth would a Tory government want to recognise non-binary [people] – they don’t give a s**t about that.” they added.

“All they give a s**t about is keeping themselves rich.”


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Ginny Lemon doesn’t want to be ‘pigeonholed’ by gender

Ginny Lemon went on Drag Race UK to “make people laugh”, to “freak out” others and make the public “start to really think about what drag is”.

“I was there to break the binary,” they said. “I was there to f**k it up. I was there to be anarchy, so then coming out being beloved was very unusual.

“I was expecting everything else but love because I’ve not been very aware of the love that had surrounded me in the past.”

They admitted that they don’t want to be “pigeonholed” as just a “non-binary queen”. In fact, they think their gender has “nothing really” to do with the art that they are created and the questions they are “posing about drag”.

“The gender identity bit [should] just be part and parcel because ideally, we would all live in a queer, happy world, wouldn’t we?” Ginny added.

Ginny with her hands together in a prayer motion, wearing a highlighter yellow dress and matching hair

Ginny Lemon bid farewell to Drag Race UK on her own terms. (BBC)

Their time on the Drag Race UK was short but sweet. Famously, they walked out of their lip-sync, eliminating themself from the competition.

Ginny told PinkNews they haven’t ruled out a possible future return to the franchise, but right now they want to get back to basics.

“I just need to go back to the essence of Ginny which is just wild, to be free-thinking, to do whatever the f**k I want when I want to,” they said. “So I’m not going to try and plan too much into the future.”

The “only reason” they might return to Drag Race would be to hear RuPaul say “Ginny Lemon sashay away”.

“Because at the moment, I’m in f**king Drag Race purgatory because I’ve never been eliminated, and I haven’t won – so where am I?” Ginny joked.

“It’d be silly not to go back if I was asked, but I’m not waiting at the end of the phone.

“I’m gonna go live my life. And if they want another slice, then make sure they can handle it this time.”

Recently, they’ve turned their talents to music for a collaboration with Scotland-based Wildcat Gin for Pride month.

The gin brand polled queer music fans to create a playlist of LGBT+ hits, and unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga’s hit single “Born This Way” took the top spot.

Ginny Lemon recreated the iconic song in their unique style with transcendent synths and layers of funky baselines for the brand’s Pride celebrations, which has also seen it raise funds for LGBT+ creatives fund Pink Noise, originated by queer collective Sink The Pink.


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