Queer Twitch streamer launches joyous ‘all fat-babe’ body positive Dungeons and Dragons campaign

DnD Death 2 Divinity

A brand new Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign is being launched to promote body positivity.

Death 2 Divinity is an “all fat-babe DnD campaign” begun by queer Twitch streamer mermaidroyal (aka Jude) with all-queer participants – the first of its kind.

The campaign will premiere on Jude’s Twitch channel on 16 July and will run weekly over 15 episodes. 

Says Jude: “as someone who has a background in creating body positive and body liberation content, I saw a lack of size diversity in the TTRPG space. There are often times where as a player, I feel the pressure to make NPCs or PCs thin to make other people more comfortable as we still live in a society that is drenched in anti-fat bias. We see it in the media we consume, in the mainstream DnD tables, and more.”

The cast is “majority femmes of color, with different abilities, life experiences, and more.”

“More than anything, we all want to be seen and we all want to be heard,” says Jude. “And DnD is still widely gatekept and people are often shut out. And people have been kept away from the hobby out of fear of not belonging, out of fear of their party not understanding them, and so many other things.”

Through DnD, Jude and the participants aim to “create a story where people can feel empowered and see themselves in our characters.”

Five players will take part in the campaign including Jude, all of whom are Twitch streamers. The Dungeon Master will be “professional TTRPG goblin” Katie Mae.

So what of the story? The people of Acrimon have taken to the skies when their land is overtaken by the Wildes. The heroes must reclaim their homeland, in a campaign that will offer a fresh take on the Feywild.

The Feywild is a DnD realm where the supernatural fey live, a land of potent magic.

For more information follow Death 2 Divinity on Twitter and Jude on Twitch.

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