Axel Arigato teams up with Keith Haring Foundation for instantly-iconic, gender-neutral collection

Axel Arigato and Keith Haring

Axel Arigato has released a gender-neutral collection in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation.

The capsule collection features apparel items embellished with Haring’s iconic artwork including the dancing heart and barking dog, which will raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust.

The range is being launched in-store and online from 7 July and you can shop it at

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The collection features apparel pieces including hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants in black, green or cream, all of which are gender-neutral.

There’s also a pair of signature Clean 90 sneakers which have Haring’s heart figure embroidered on the side, a design that symbolises optimistic belief in humanity and the power of love.

Finishing up the collection is a bomber jacket featuring Haring’s barking dog, his iconic logo and an “A” patch for Axel Arigato and a striped polo top embellished with the dancing heart.

Axel Arigato x Keith Haring

The Axel Arigato x Keith Haring collection features hoodies, a bomber jacket, t-shirts and sweatpants. (© Keith Haring Foundation, Licensed by Artestar, New York)

The campaign, shot by photographer Heather Glazzard, features intimate portraits of seven queer couples wearing pieces from the capsule collection.

Talking about the campaign, Heather says: “What got me excited was that it wasn’t coming out in Pride Month and the fact that I knew half the people on the casting board. During Pride Month, we can feel like a commodity instead of being hired because we can take good photos.

“When I was on set I thought, ‘F**k, I would love to shoot this as a project of my own.’ It didn’t feel commercial, it felt real and with Pride-related stuff you often don’t get that. The shoot didn’t feel forced at all.”

Axel Arigato x Keith Haring collection

The Axel Arigato x Keith Haring campaign features seven queer couples. (© Keith Haring Foundation, Licensed by Artestar, New York)

For the first two weeks of the campaign, a portion of sale proceeds will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust, who support and protect homeless LGBT+ youth.

The brand will also celebrate the collection and legacy of Haring’s work at the Broadwick Street Store in London, with more info being revealed on their Instagram page.

To shop the Axel Arigato x Keith Haring capsule collection head to