Lil Nas X trolls the straights with steamy kiss video and fans are obsessed

Lil Nas X TikTok

Lil Nas X never gets tired of trolling straight people, and honestly, we love to see it.

The “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer is pretty open about the fact that he’s gay, so fans were surprised and confused when he posted a TikTok showing him leaning in to kiss social media star Quen Blackwell.

At the last second, the video cuts away, showing Lil Nas X and Quen Blackwell farting (we’re not entirely sure why) and dancing to his unreleased song “Industry Baby” as the message “Sike [sic] we gay” appears on the screen.

Fans were thirsty for more and horrified at the TikTok in equal measure. Since he posted the video on Monday (12 July), it has racked up a whopping 2.5 million likes and 17,000 comments.

Fans joked that Lil Nas X was ‘straight baiting’ with his raunchy TikTok

“Why not me….” one fan commented.

“This is straight baiting,” another wrote.

@lilnasx@quenblackwell♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x

One person added: “That was low key hot,” while countless others simply took the opportunity to demand Lil Nas give them a release date for his debut album.

The singer later shared a screenshot of one of the more confusing exchanges on his TikTok.

“Damn I wanted them to kiss so bad I was shipping,” the fan commented.

“He’s been out as gay for years what,” another TikTok user replied.

The commenter said they know Lil Nas X is gay, adding: “But people can change.”

The singer shared the screenshot with a truly iconic video of just his eyes darting nervously from side to side, summarising the entire internet’s thoughts at reading the exchange.

@lilnasx♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x

The iconic TikTok came just days after the singer sent fans into a frenzy by posting a cryptic picture of himself lying on a man’s crotch to his Instagram Stories.

The “Old Town Road” legend didn’t feel the need to include the guy’s face in the photo, leaving fans wondering just who his mystery man is.

Lil Nas X is expected to release his debut album, titled Montero, later this summer. He shared an epic Marvel-inspired teaser to YouTube in June which saw various Lil Nas characters taking the place of superheroes, from his classic cowboy outfit to the artist in thigh-high boots, pole dancing into hell.

He is yet to announce a release date.