Drag Race legend Gottmik reveals which queen changed when the cameras stopped rolling

Drag Race Gottmik

Drag Race icon Gottmik spilled some hot tea about which of the season 13 queens completely changed when cameras stopped rolling.

Gottmik shared an open and hilarious conversation with All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel on the latter’s YouTube channel. The pair shared all the juicy details about their time on the hit show while creating stunning makeup looks.

At one point, Trixie asked Gottmik if she “found Utica different off-camera”.

Gottmik exclaimed that Utica, another season 13 queen, did indeed act completely different when cameras weren’t focused on her.

She was quick to specify that Utica wasn’t mean, but metamorphosed behind the scenes.

“It’s not that bad though. She’s not like a b***h,” Gottmik explained. “She would go off camera and do the things that like I was doing and Kandy [Muse] was doing and being like that type of funny.”

Gottmik continued: “And we’re like: ‘Wait, you’re funny?'”

Utica reached the top six of Drag Race season 13, but was eliminated following a cringe-worthy and controversial comedy routine.

The Minnesotan queen bombed in the “Nice Girls Roast”, having ignored the judges’ advice to ditch her “offensive” and “harsh” jokes.

In her set, she compared long-serving judge Ross Matthews to Pumba from The Lion King, said she thought Nina West “could speak whale” and called Loni Love’s comedy career “hard to swallow”.

The queen eventually apologised for her “horrible” “attempt at roast humour”. She added that the jokes “were in bad taste”.

During her conversation with Gottmik, Trixie Mattel chimed in that many queens are different when the Drag Race cameras aren’t focused on them.

“I mean not everybody is exactly the same on/off-camera,” she elaborated.

“When cameras go on, people get really scared of saying the wrong thing.”

Gottmik admitted that she feared saying the wrong thing, adding it’s “something I need to learn”. Trixie joked that Gottmik needed to “stick with” her because she could “get you cancelled every six and a half weeks”.

Gottmik made herstory as Drag Race‘s first out trans male contestant and made it to the finale. But she was knocked out in a fierce Britney Spears lip-sync battle with the season’s eventual winner, Symone.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 14 of Drag Race is expected to premiere sometime next year.