What being non-binary means to me: 6 people share the freedom, beauty and power of their gender

International Non-Binary People’s Day has been celebrated each year on 14 July since 2012.

The day aims to celebrate and lift up non-binary people around the world, as well as raising awareness of the issues that non-binary communities face.

Many countries in the world still don’t recognise non-binary people, either socially or legally – but non-binary people have existed for as long as people have existed. Multiple countries, including Nepal, Argentina and Iceland, legally recognise non-binary people with a “third gender” option.

But while social and legal rights are vital, they often simplify or flatten what non-binary genders actually are: vast, nuanced and deeply personal.

So, for International Non-Binary People’s Day 2021, PinkNews asked six non-binary people this question: “What does being non-binary mean to you?”

Their answers reveal the beauty and power in living outside of the Western gender binary.


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Tyreece, they/them

”To be free to be me.”

Tyreece. (Supplied)

Vic, they/them

“My non-binaryness is inherently queer, feminist and anti-capitalist.”

Vic, PinkNews’ gender & identity reporter. (Supplied)

Evelyn, she/they

”To me, non-binary means I don’t have to feel the need to identify as something that just doesn’t represent who I am, I can just be comfortable being myself.”

Evelyn. (Supplied)

Eli, they/them

”Being non-binary allows me to feel free to express myself without conforming to gender norms.”


Eli. (Supplied)

Jamie Windust, they/them

”For me non-binary means being able to live without thinking about gender. It means being able to work out what I want to do with my life, what I enjoy, what brings a smile to my face without gender even crossing my mind.

“It’s a state of ease and comfort.”


Jamie Windust. (Supplied)

Devin-Norelle, ze/zim

“I’m so proud to be who I am. If I had a chance to go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

“My experience has helped me learn empathy and understanding, and has opened my mind to many other experiences outside of my own. I am thankful.”


Devin-Norelle. (Supplied)