Tommy Dorfman explains how ‘everything going away’ led her to begin her transition

Tommy Dorfman in a black dress against a grey background

Tommy Dorfman has explained how the stillness of lockdown prompted her to begin her transition and live her truth as a trans woman.

Dorfman, 29, reintroduced herself to the world as a trans woman in a touching interview with Time magazine published Thursday (22 July).

In a video for the outlet, the 13 Reasons Why star explained how the upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic jolted her into beginning her transition.

“Do you know, some people moved during the pandemic – some people changed genders,” she joked.

“For many years I wanted to transition, but I just couldn’t and it felt really daunting and really scary to embark on that journey especially because I was at the beginning of my career.


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“And what does it even mean for me to come from where I am and the fears that I’m feeling to find compassion and empathy to my trans brothers and sisters who are more disenfranchised than myself.

“So I think for me, it really took everything going away – me [being] alone in my bed trying to imagine what my life at 60 would be like.

“And all I could see was a woman.”

Tommy Dorfman said she would have been more ‘soap boxy’ if she said she was trans five years ago

Tommy Dorfman reflected how in moments where she feels fear, she thinks of trans and non-binary children and all those who are “different”.

“If you’re choosing to live in a more public space, you feel more this more inherent responsibility,” she said.

“And I’m really cautious about how I don’t feel prepared enough, qualified enough, remotely experienced enough to speak for the community as a whole which is why I try to keep as much of what I say personalised to me and my experience.

Dorfman added that, if she had transitioned five years ago, she might have been more “soap boxy” about it.

“But it’s not where I’m at today,” she continued.

“I just feel there’s something so powerful about choosing the moments to speak.”

And speak she did. In the full Time interview, Dorfman shared her truth as she clarified her gender identity.

“For a year now, I have been privately identifying and living as a woman — a trans woman,” she said.

“It’s funny to think about coming out because I haven’t gone anywhere.

“I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically. Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out.

“Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy.”