Super Rare Games announces incredible ‘mixtape’ project celebrating queer and diverse indie games

Super Rare Games Mixtape

Physical Switch game producer Super Rare Games is creating a brand new mixtape project to celebrate diverse indie developers.

Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1 is a curated collection of indie games from little known, up-and-coming developers.

A lot of indie games are rarely released physically, so this new mixtape project is a fresh way to support new talent.

In fact, only 1,000 copies will be released.

The games will come on a cassette tape shaped USB for that retro feel, from which games will run directly from their own launcher – so no need for other software.

Thirty games will be included in the mixtape, all from indie developers in the freeware scene. It covers all genres, from first-person shooters to visual novels, tower defense, and even abstract experimental ideas.

Six demos will also be included for forthcoming titles, in a nod to the old PC and PS1 days of demo discs. That includes SkateBIRD, Grapple Dog and Billie Bust Up.

Best of all, the games collection features a wealth of diversity including LGBT+ representation. 

Missed Messages, for instance, is one of the most popular games online that’s featured in the collection and includes LGBT+ characters. SkateBIRD is also developed by a trans developer, and other LGBT+ developers have their games included.

The collection comes in a collector’s box along with a full colour manual that explains the reasoning behind each choice.

“Some of the most creative, original ideas in all of video games come from this [freeware] community – in fact, many developers of freeware games I played many years ago have gone on to create beloved indie darlings, like Hotline Miami, Wandersong, Baba is You, Spelunky, Celeste, and Minecraft,” says Ryan Brown, creator of Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1 at Super Rare Games.

“I’m already itching to work with hundreds of talented devs I have in mind for future volumes, and I think you’ll love what the future could hold for the Super Rare Mixtape.”

Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1 will be available from 19 August from the Super Rare Games store at £28.

See the video below for a rundown of all the games included.

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