Rihanna celebrates Super Bowl half-time show in adorable backstage video: ‘We did that’

Side by side image of Rihanna on stage at the Super Bowl performing and a screenshot of her celebrating her performance after by waving a Barbados flag in the air.

Rihanna has everything to celebrate after her Super Bowl performance, with the star wowing fans and announcing that she’s pregnant with her second child.

Following the performance, which featured many of her biggest hits, a cheeky nod to her makeup brand Fenty Beauty, and another gorgeous maternity fit, the Barbadian star headed backstage to celebrate with friends and her team.

In a series of adorable videos, the singer, who will be 35 next week, waves the blue and yellow Barbados flag, dances, cheers, jumps up and down, and gets covered in champagne.

Another video appears to show Rihanna exclaiming that she “did that”, and honestly, she did.

The Super Bowl comes five years after Rihanna’s last live performance, at the 2018 Grammy awards, so fans were thrilled to see that her return left her beaming from ear to ear.

 “Rihanna queen, you gave an amazing performance and it isn’t lost on me what it means for a little girl from the developing island of Barbados to be recognised on a global stage,” one fan wrote.

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“Watched Rihanna’s half-time show like a proud mom smiling the whole way through,” another said.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the performance, Rihanna previously revealed that she wanted to “represent” Barbados.

“Representation for immigrants, representing for my country Barbados, representing for Black women everywhere, I think that’s really important,” she told an Apple Music press conference last week.

“[It’s] key for people to see the possibilities and I’m honoured to be here and to be doing this.

“It’s a long way from home… It’s a beautiful journey that I’m on and I could have never guessed that I would have made it here so it’s a celebration of that. I’m really excited to have Barbados on the Super Bowl stage.”

In response, Barbados showed up to support one of their favourite daughters, with communities across the country coming together to watch.

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Other than watching Rihanna dominate the Super Bowl, all eyes were on her American Sign Language performer Justina Miles.

The internet collectively decided that Miles “ate” and almost upstaged the singer as she passionately signed her way through the entire set.