5 sickening facts about Drag Race UK’s first cis woman competitor, Victoria Scone

Cardiff queen Victoria Scone Drag Race UK 3

Drag Race UK has made herstory by casting the franchise’s first cis woman queen, Victoria Scone, and she’s here to break some moulds.

The camp Cardiff queen is one of 12 queens who’ll fight for the crown on Drag Race UK season three, and is the first-ever cis woman to be cast in the franchise’s 12-year history.

But who is the woman under the wig, and what does she hope to achieve during her time in the werkroom?

1. Victoria Scone is a ‘celebrity lesbian’

Victoria Scone is a “celesbian” – short for “celebrity lesbian”, she told the BBC – and she hopes to bring more queer women into the spotlight by appearing on Drag Race UK.

“There are just not enough queer women in the public eye, in my opinion, so I’m here to be ‘celesbian’ – a celebrity lesbian!” she said.

She said that many people who encounter her in drag “don’t even consider the fact” that she “could be a queer woman”.

In November, Victoria introduced her fans to the “better half of scone”, her partner, in an adorable “Christmas Card” post on Instagram.

In the photo, Victoria and her partner are dressed in festive green and red attire, and the drag performer is giving her partner a big holiday smooch.

2. She has only been doing drag for a couple of years

The camp and colourful queen has only been performing in drag for “about three years”, according to the official press release for Drag Race UK.

She joked that it actually “feels like so much longer”, explaining that she fully established her drag career while living in Cardiff.

According to BBC Three, Victoria worked as a sales and events coordinator before transitioning into a full-time drag career.

3. But she feels like she has always had a drag queen inside her

Victoria said that she believes she has “always been a drag queen”, but she just “hadn’t found the right outlet” growing up.

She has been in pantomimes from a very young age, and it was there that she “first fell in love with drag”.

“I didn’t look up to Cinderella, I looked up to Widow Twankey,” she said. “That was my goal: to be Widow Twankey.”

4.  Victoria Scone was told drag wasn’t for her

In an interview with BBC Three, Victoria Scone described how being a cis woman in drag hasn’t been an easy path.

When she entered her first drag competition, she said, she was told: “This isn’t the competition for you.”

“But I didn’t give up,” she added. Then, after performing at South London venue, The Two Brewers, “a few days later I applied to another venue and then another venue and then another venue”.

“I was completely hooked,” she explained. “So no matter what was thrown at me, I was going to be a drag queen.”

5. She hopes her appearance on Drag Race UK will encourage diversity in drag

Victoria told BBC Three that she hopes her time on Drag Race UK will prove that there’s no more excuses for drag performances not to be more diverse and gender inclusive.

“Now that the top tier of drag is doing it, there’s no more excuse for event organisers not to be booking more diverse lineups,” she said. “Lineups can be so much more enriched and varied.”

She also hoped that there’ll be “a million more AFAB [assigned female at birth] drag queens, drag kings, non-binary performers” and so much more to appear on the show.