14 cute and colourful pronoun pins that’ll all hes, shes, zes, xes, pers and theys will love

Pins showing preferred pronouns including he/she/xe and ze

Using people’s correct pronouns is a basic way of showing respect to others, and we should all make sure we do it.

Whether your pronouns are visible on your social media profile, email signatures or you rep them in every day life, showcasing them helps to normalise them in conversation.

The 20 October also marks International Pronouns Day, which marks the importance of sharing your pronouns and inviting other people to share theirs.

That’s why you may want to get yourself a badge or pin featuring your pronouns, so that when you’re meeting new people in real-life they call you by the correct pronouns and vice versa.

There are lots of badges and pins to choose from which includes those designed and created by independent LGBT+ artists.

Below we’ve put together 14 cute, colourful and fun pin designs featuring preferred pronouns to help you rep your authentic self.

Pronoun pin

A classic rainbow pin featuring pronouns. (Etsy/TruthOrFlairPins)

You can’t go wrong with the classic rainbow pin, which is particularly ideal to rock during Pride, but it can of course be worn all-year round. This one is priced from £9 and you can get it from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

Pronoun badges featuring the different Pride flag colours. (Etsy/TooksArtCorner)

Or you can get your preferred pronouns with the backdrop of your flag with the trans, asexual, bisexual, lesbian, genderqueer, non binary and pansexual Pride colours available. Once you’ve picked your flag you can choose which pronouns you want to be printed across the badge so you can wear your Pride on your heart. To get this one head to Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These enamel pins feature different pronouns. (Etsy/Quirkby)

If you want a simple design then you can get these cool enamel pins embellished with your preferred pronouns. There’s also a number of colours to choose from including yellow, blue and pink and they’re priced at £5 each from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

Cute, simple pronoun badges. (Etsy/PrideandPronounsUK)

These cute, simple pronoun badges are available to buy in bulk, starting from packs of 10. They’re ideal for any social or work events where people can choose to wear their pronouns so others know how they identify. You can choose from a number of primary colours and they’ll feature a mix of options, with one reviewer saying, “I work in a bar and got the pins for my coworkers and I to wear while at work and everyone loves them.” To get them head to Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These fun, cartoon buttons feature cute characters. (Etsy/MugginsNortheast)

Customers can DIY these badges by choosing the background colour, graphic options and what pronouns you want to feature at the bottom of the pin. The cute cartoons include a bee, butterfly, plant pots and trees. They’re priced from £3 and you can get them from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These mushroom pins feature pronouns. (Etsy/OWhatAFeeling)

Another cute design are these mushroom badges which the seller says are a “stylish way to let people know your pronouns” and they’re not wrong. It’s no surprise that they’re a bestseller on the Etsy website and you can get them from £2.75.

Pronoun pins

This artist creates different pin styles featuring pronouns. (Etsy/Hartiful)

This independent artist has plenty of options to choose from including speech bubble designs, rectangles and circles featuring your preferred pronouns that you can enter into the box in any language you’d like. It’s one of the bestsellers on the website thanks to the many options available and they’re priced at £8.50 from Etsy here.

Pronouns pins

These pins are perfect for gaymers. (Etsy/Cosmokii)

These pins are for the gaymers in your life and have a videogame RPG inspired theme in a simple and chic design. They’re perfect to pop on your collar and rep your pronouns. They’re priced at £5.99 and you can get them from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These pronoun pins are for face masks. (Etsy/ScienceAndFiction)

How about a pronoun pin for your mask? That’s such a 2021 sentence, but if you want to ensure people get your pronouns correct while your face is covered up then you can get these cute speech bubble pins featuring he/him, she/her, they/them and more. They’re priced at £4.59 from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These pronoun pins are inspired by Keith Haring. (Etsy/TakePrideShop)

These badges are a nod to iconic gay artist Keith Haring, with designs inspired by his pop art work. These ones feature his dancing figures and a heart with pronouns in the centre. You can also get a barking dog design and bat design badges also inspired by his work. They’re priced at £2.50 each and you can get them from Etsy here.

Pronoun pins

These cute badges feature supportive characters alongside pronouns. (Etsy/bundleofquarks)

These badges feature supportive cartoon characters that are basically saying “look at you go!” alongside your preferred pronouns. They’re priced at £3.99 each from Etsy here.

These badges resemble classic “my name is” stickers. (Etsy/PawsitivePins)

This design resembles those stickers that say “My name is” and you add your name so that you can introduce yourself to new people, and why not also use some pronouns badges which can help introduce people by both their name and preferred pronouns. This one features he/they pronouns and is priced at £2.10 from Etsy here. And you can shop others including she/they, they/them and more via their Etsy store.

Pronoun pins

This she/her badge features a pastel colour design. (Etsy/fairycakes)

This rainbow pastel enamel pin features she/her pronouns and will help normalise discussing pronouns while also looking great. This one is priced from £7 on Etsy here and you can also get different pronouns in the same design from the Etsy seller’s store.

Pronoun pins

A badge that will help introduce your pronouns. (Etsy/TheseAreThings)

This gold and black pin reads “My pronouns are” and is available with they/them, she/her and he/him embellished in the centre to help you introduce your pronouns to people. To get it head to Etsy here.