7 times the iconic Elliot Page floored us with his effortless style

Elliot Page paid tribute to Oscar Wilde at the Met Gala.

Elliot Page is the icon we desperately need.

The actor stunned the internet last weekend when they stole the show at Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show wearing “platform goth Crocs”.

“Elliot Page is Balenciaga’s Look 50 model,” said fashion journalist Faran Krentcil. “Yes, those are Balenciaga platform crocs. No, I am not okay.”

Paris Fashion Week was Page’s second major public outing since coming out as trans in December 2020. Despite having largely kept himself to himself over the past 10 months – pandemic, anyone? – he has sported some killer looks and cemented himself as a true style icon.

Here are seven of his best style moments.

1. Elliot Page’s Balenciaga goth Crocs

Elliot Page poses on the runway during the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2022 show

Elliot Page poses on the runway during the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2022 show as part of Paris Fashion Week. (Getty/ Peter White)

Crocs have been threatening to cross over to fashion circles for a couple of years now, but it seems the pandemic has made it official.

What began with relatively small-scale influencers gushing over the comfortable, lockdown-perfect plastic shoes on Instagram has since leapt to the dizzying heights of Paris Fashion Week.

Page wore his Balenciaga crocs with a platform and a metal toe-cap, paired with an oversized black suit.

2. Elliot Page pays tribute to Oscar Wilde at Met Gala

Elliot Page paid tribute to Oscar Wilde at the Met Gala.

Elliot Page at the 2021 Met Gala on September 13, 2021 in New York City. (Arturo Holmes/MG21/Getty Images)

Elliot Page sent fans into a frenzy when they turned up at the Met Gala sporting a powerful queer symbol that paid tribute to Oscar Wilde.

Fans were quick to draw parallels between Page and Wilde, with many sharing a famous picture of Wilde sporting a green carnation on his lapel.

During Wilde’s lifetime, the green carnation became a symbol for queer men after the acclaimed writer asked his friends to wear it to the opening night of one of his shows.

3. That swimming trunks thirst trap

Posting his first shirtless selfie since having top surgery, Elliot Page gave us pure trans joy. The smile and the sun on their bare chest truly embody the meaning of the phrase: A picture tells a thousand words.

4. It’s black, it’s oversized, it’s… Elliot Page’s outfit on Oprah

Elliot Page and Oprah WInfrey

Elliot Page has recorded an interview with Oprah Winfrey for Apple TV+. (Apple)

In a theme that will feel familiar to many trans people who are newly out or remember that time, many of Page’s outfits from the last year have been black, baggy, and featured traditionally masculine elements like buttoned-up collars.

Page, as an extremely wealthy trans person, has access to this comforting style in a fashion most of us only dream of. On Oprah, where he spoke about his early life as a trans kid and being a young person in the world’s spotlight, Page wore a thick black polo shirt buttoned all the way up.

5. Elliot Page said Protect Trans Kids

Elliot Page posed in a "Protect Trans Kids" sweatshirt in a post on his Instagram page. (Instagram/Etsy)

Elliot Page posed in a “Protect Trans Kids” sweatshirt in a post on his Instagram page. (Instagram/Etsy)

Elliot Page melted hearts in June when they posted a photo wearing a “Protect Trans Kids” sweatshirt.

The actor also gave a shout out to the non-binary designer of the sweater in his Instagram caption, calling the sweater “rad”.

Page has been outspoken in his support of trans kids, who are facing a wave of Republican-backed anti-trans bills in the US attacking their access to gender-affirming healthcare, schools sports and bathroom facilities.

The sweatshirt was designed by independent artist MegEmikoArt. It’s available from Etsy here.

6. Just two Canadian pals getting matching tattoos

Mae Martin and Elliot Page show off their matching tattoos

LGBT+ icons Elliot Page and Mae Martin show off their matching coffee cup tattoos in an adorable friendship post on Instagram. (Instagram/@hooraymae)

The beautiful friendship between Elliot Page and non-binary Canadian comedian Mae Martin began when they met in a bar, both aged 19, Martin told PinkNews in May.

“I was like a weird sort-of homeless stoner – I had an apartment, but there were no locks on the door,” Martin recalled. “Elliot was filming X-Men at the time, I think, and we had a mutual friend.

“So we had that one night, and then years later Elliot sent me a message saying he’d seen my stand-up, and then we became friends.”

Since then, the pals have broken the internet several times, beginning with them both posting the same photo on Instagram in July 2021. Page called Martin a “heartthrob”, whilst Martin described Page as a “true stud”.

The friends shared their new tattoos – identical coffee cups – in an adorable Instagram post on 19 August.

Martin got theirs on their side and Page got his on his arm.

“Someone stop us from getting more tattoos,” Martin wrote in the post.

7. The first selfie

This Trans Day of Visibility, commit to supporting trans people long-term

Elliot Page, the most visible trans person in the world. (Instagram)

In another recognisable move, the first-ever selfie Page posted as an out trans person featured the classic double-threat of a clenched jaw and many, many layers of clothing.

Page thanked fans for their love and support in the caption.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” they wrote.

“Your love and support has been the greatest gift. Stay safe. Be there for each other,” he added, pointing his followers to Trans Santa and the Trans Lifeline.

“If you are able, support,” they said. “See you in 2021!”