Police officer accused of ‘disgusting’ racism and homophobia while on duty: ‘It’s really concerning’

A Thames Valley Police officer

A Thames Valley Police constable made horrific “homophobic and racist” comments while on duty, a disciplinary tribunal has heard.

PC Perry Greenhalf, based at Loddon Valley police station in Reading, Berkshire, is accused of making “offensive and homophobic comments on a number of occasions in the presence of colleagues”, including on 16 October, 2020, when he allegedly made “racist comments” while investigating a potential breach of COVID regulations.

According to the BBC, at the tribunal hearing, which began on Wednesday (24 November), PC Mark Rice gave evidence at the hearing, and said that in October both of them attended a home to investigate an alleged COVID regulation breach.

He said: “We knew they’d returned from Pakistan so it was a reasonable inference that the people involved could have been from Pakistan.

“I said if we’re going to go and enforce a breach we ought to wear our masks because we ought to set an example and follow the rules we’re enforcing.”

Greenhalf allegedly told his colleague that “the house will smell of curry anyway”, and claimed that “Pakistan is a dirty, smelly country”.

PC Meghan Adey-Butt also gave evidence and alleged that Greenhalf said that he knew a colleague would throw a good party because “gay people do”. 

“I felt that the words and tone he used were derogatory,” she said.

Adey-Butt was also “disgusted”, she said, when during a nighttime patrol, Greenhalf allegedly made comments about the sexual activities of a vulnerable child.

She said: “We were in full view and earshot of lots of members of the public, I don’t think that’s an appropriate comment to make in such a public arena.

“I think it’s really concerning. I’m proud to put on this uniform every day and this is in complete breach of our code of ethics.”

While Greenhalf denies gross misconduct, he admits to using some of the offensive language.

The disciplinary tribunal of the Thames Valley Police officer will continue until Friday (26 November).