6 LGBT+ podcasts that enthral, entertain and inspire – from historical to hilarious

The best LGBT+ podcasts – from educational to comedy, and everything in between.

Queer media is on the rise, perhaps nowhere more so than in the world of podcasts.

It’s a medium that allows us to foster community and build our own platforms, with countless series coming from the diverse, beautiful communities that make up the LGBT+ acronym.

So grab your headphones, find a comfortable chair or put on your best walking shoes, and dive into these, our six best LGBT+ podcasts.

1. Queer Talk

Hosted by the charismatic Mufseen and Spencer, Queer Talk is a space for queer joy.

The podcast focuses on positive news stories and interviews, ranging from academics like Kingston’s Dr David Nilsson to AIDs charity, Aidsmap’s executive director, Matthew Hodson. Listen here on Spotify.

2. Bad Gays

Bad Gays, hosted by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller, is a podcast which seeks to reintroduce nuance into queer history.

“Why do we remember our heroes better than our villains?”, they ask. Their selection of “bad gays” includes artist Francis Bacon, notorious for his obsession with violence and boozy lifestyle, and Camilla Hall, who joined the organiation behind the 1974 kidnapping of heiress, Patty Hearst. Listen on Spotify.

3. Two Twos Podcast

Nana and Rose, the hosts of the Two Twos Podcast, are two Black lesbians living in London. They describe their podcast as a space for them to speak their “unapologetic truth” and create a safe space, “bridging the gap” between the LGBT+ community and cisgender, straight people. Listen on Spotify.

4. Attitudes!

Attitudes! is a playful political comedy podcast. Hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, it covers current LGBT+ and gender issues with a light-hearted approach. Both informative and a great laugh, it’s a sure way of staying up to date in 2022. Listen on Spotify.

5. We Were Always Here

We Were Always Here is a retelling of the HIV pandemic in the UK from marginalised voices.

Hosted by Marc Thompson, co-creator of Black queer history archive Black and Gay Back in the Day, the podcast brings together oft-neglected perspectives. A space for rage, grief, community and hope, it’s a podcast which adds colour and nuance to queer history. Listen on Spotify.

6. Just Like Us

Just Like Us, the charity for LGBT+ young people in the UK, runs a podcast all about growing up queer. Their interviews so far include figures like Black Pride’s founder, Lady Phyll, Char Bailey of Birmingham Pride, and viral lesbian TikTok couple, Caitlin and Leah. Listen on Spotify.

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