And Just Like That’s latest queer sex scene leaves Miranda fans with mixed feelings

And Just Like That characters Che and Miranda star at each other after they meet for the first time months after they hooked up

Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That is heating up once again and fans have mixed feelings about its queer storyline.

Warning: big spoilers below.

Fans are still reeling from that unforgettable scene from episode five where Miranda gives in to her desires and hooks-up with Che in Carrie’s kitchen – all while Carrier recovered in the other room from hip surgery.

In episode six, Miranda tells Charlotte about the affair at a picnic and that she has had fantasies about her encounter with Che. Miranda even divulges to her friend that she had a sex dream about Che, which is a lot.

But in episode seven, fans see Miranda attempt to revive her sex life with Steve by basically trying to recreate her kitchen hookup with Che. But Steve completely fumbles with Miranda’s sexual pass.

As she later tells Carrie, Miranda feels her encounter with Che was the most “transcendent” sex of her life and she’s scared it’ll never happen again.

But of course, it does, as Miranda runs into Che again after months of not hearing back from them. Somehow, Carrie forgot to mention that Che would be performing at an event.

So Miranda is caught off guard when Che bounds onstage. Miranda can’t resist the urge to reconnect and tries to play it cool that Che didn’t return her message (or her feelings).

That all falls apart when Che proposes they spend the night together. The pair fall into bed again.

Miranda somehow decides it would be a good idea to confess that she loves Che as they bathe in the afterglow.

“You’re in love with you, with me,” Che responds.

Sex and the City fans definitely thought Miranda had no chill.

Some shared their disdain that with how the beloved character developed from her time on Sex and the City to this arc in And Just Like That… 

Only seven episodes into the series and they’re really fed up with Che and Miranda’s storyline.

While still in bed, Che jokes that part of Miranda’s feelings could be due to the pair’s consumption of weed. When Miranda protests, Che adds that they are “also very good at sex”.

Miranda’s exploration of her queer identity does come after she admitted that she and Steve haven’t slept together for years earlier in the season.

So it stands to reason that this could be the focus of her story in And Just Like That… going forward as Miranda attempts to juggle her feelings for Che, Che’s rejection and her marriage with Steve.