Moon Knight’s Oscar Isaac wants you to call him ‘daddy’

Oscar isaac on the red carpet and in the 2010 film Robin Hood

Stars Wars actor Oscar Isaac has a simple request for his most thirsty of fans: Call him “daddy”.

The salt and pepper haired 43-year-old, who once famously asked whether “eight inches is enough“, made his Marvel debut last month as the Egyptian god-serving Moon Knight.

In an interview with ETtoday新聞雲 for the show’s press tour, Isaac was informed that some of his dehydrated fans calls him “daddy” – and he didn’t mind one bit.

Even his Dune co-star Timothée Chalamet has called him daddy, and if you’ve seen the film (which saw his character fully nude) we don’t blame him.

“I didn’t know the fans called me daddy,” he told the Chinese news outlet. “But that’s OK.

“They can call me daddy, if they want to. I don’t mind.”

Daddy has spoken.

And the internet reacted about as not safe for work as you would expect. We also hope that “zaddy” is an acceptable thing to call Isaac, too.

This is the same Oscar Isaac who gifted Dune director Deni Villeneuve his “c**k sock”.

Isaac told Entertainment Weekly‘s Awardist podcast that as production wrapped up, he gave Villeneuve a stinky sock that he used to cover his penis while shooting a nude scene, in which he plays Duke Leto.

“At one point, when Denis wasn’t looking, I may have left my c**k sock in his pocket,” he explained. “Just so he had a little bit of me next to him when I left.”

The sock itself, Isaac added, was a “little, musty handkerchief”. Do with that information as you see fit.

Isaac didn’t even need to be naked for the scene, which saw his character captured during an attack on the arid planet of Arrakis, but the actor insisted that no clothing was crucial to the story.

“I was like: ‘No, he should be naked, man’,” he said. “It’s like Christ on the cross kind of moment.”