Tory minister Nadine Dorries says it’s ‘impossible’ for trans women to compete in women’s sport

Nadine Dorries on GB News

Tory minister for digital, culture, media and sport Nadine Dorries has waded into the “debate” on trans women’s participation in sport, insisting it is “impossible”.

In an interview with so-called news outlet GB News, Dorries told Dan Wootton: “I am absolutely of the opinion that it is impossible for a trans woman to compete in women’s sport.

“You can choose your gender and we will support you and help you to do that, we will give you all the love and compassion and support you need to get to that place, but you can’t change your biology.”

Interestingly, in its write-up of the interview, GB News omitted her comment about “compassion and support”.

Dorries, who is also MP for Mid Bedfordshire, continued: “You cannot change that you were born male or that you were born female, it is what it is what it is.

“I’m afraid even with those athletes that try to get their testosterone levels below the limits, if somebody has been through puberty, it isn’t that case that it will make a significant difference.”

Nadine Dorries wants a ’round table’ with sporting bodies on trans women’s participation

Asked by Dan Wootton whether she would consider legislating against trans women playing sports, Nadine Dorries said: “I hate making laws. I would prefer the sporting bodies to come together and I have asked for a round table with them to discuss this.

“So that they can come together and reach a position that protects female athletes, but also shows compassion to trans athletes and helps them achieve their goals.

“Maybe that is having trans categories, I don’t know, but what I do know the bottom line is you cant have trans women competing in females sports.”

As far as PinkNews is aware, Dorries does not have any qualifications in endocrinology.

Although research is still lacking, many sporting bodies and advocacy groups agree that the inclusion of trans athletes does not impact the fairness of sports, with cisgender athletes also displaying a wide range of physiological and biological differences.

Mermaids previously told PinkNews: “Trans women do not have an unfair advantage in sports and their participation does not harm trans women.

“To even be considered eligible to compete at an elite level, female trans athletes must undergo hormone therapy and rigorous testing for at least a year prior to training and competing.

“As we’ve seen with athletes such as Lia Thomas and Laurel Hubbard, who’ve both been beaten by cis female athletes in their respective sports, being trans does not guarantee a win.”