Ezra Miller ‘to be dropped as DC’s The Flash’ as scandals pile up

Warner Bros 'set to drop Ezra Miller' after assault allegations

DC bosses reportedly plan to drop Ezra Miller after they were arrested for assault on two separate occasions and accused of harassment.

Miller has reportedly been the subject of two protection orders granted in recent weeks.

The first saw them accused of using “violence, intimidation, fear, paranoia” and “drugs” to “hold sway” over an 18-year-old. The second was filed by a mother who claims Miller brandished a gun in front of her 12-year-old.

Amid these and other scandals, there has been much debate about Miller’s future in Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe. Miller filmed The Flash in 2021, playing the title role, and after delays the film is due for release in June 2023;

As a studio source told Deadline: “There is no winning in this for Warner Bros.

“This is an inherited problem for Zaslav [Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav]. The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the movie is released, and hope for the best to turn out.”

Deadline added that a source said “even if no more allegations surface, the studio won’t likely keep Miller in the Flash role in future DC films.”

Miller, who has starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Fantastic Beats franchise, has been embroiled in several scandals throughout the last few years, beginning with a viral video in 2020 that allegedly showed them grabbing a fan by the throat and pushing her to the ground. Miller has never publicly commented on the video.

In March and April 2022 the 29-year-old actor was arrested twice in Hawaii: for an incident of “disorderly conduct” at a karaoke bar and for allegedly assaulting a woman with a chair.

A court granted a protection order to the parents of a non-binary 18-year-old on 7 June over claims of abuse and grooming, but officials have been unable to locate Miller to serve them.

The most recent accusation against Miller came after they allegedly brandished a gun in front of a 12-year-old child and harassed their family.

The mother of the non-binary child was reportedly granted a protection order against Ezra Miller by a court in Massachusetts on 15 June after the alleged incident.

According to a report by The Daily Beast, Miller allegedly harassed the Massachusetts family in their downstairs neighbour’s home, starting several arguments before taking out a gun.

The neighbour told the outlet: “I was very caught off-guard. Then they opened their jacket – they had this, like, big sherpa jacket – and they opened up one side of their jacket, you could see a gun, and they said: ‘Talking like that could get you into a really serious situation.'”

According to The Daily Beast, Miller apologised for their outbursts but returned to pester the family on at least three other occasions, prompting the protection order.

PinkNews has contacted Warner Bros for comment.