Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney serves face in the NYX Cosmetics Pride collection

Heartstopper's Yasmin Finney stuns in NYX Cosmetics' Pride campaign.

Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney is serving face in the NYX Cosmetics Pride campaign.

She’s repping the makeup brand’s limited edition Pride-themed collection to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

NYX Cosmetics has partnered with Stonewall and Black Pride UK alongside the campaign, to raise vital funds for the organisations.

The limited edition collection is now available to shop at boots.com.

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Finney was revealed to be one of the trailblazing faces and voices of the Proudly Pro You Campaign earlier this year.

The future Doctor Who star appears in the Pride campaign alongside Drag Race UK’s Tayce, model Carmen and singer Anne-Marie.

As part of it NYX Cosmetics has released a limited edition makeup collection to mark Pride Month.

It features Ultimate Eye Paints, which is available in an array of rainbow colours to help you create the ultimate Pride look.

There’s also the This Is Everything Lip Oil, Pride Wonder Stick Blush and Pride Matte Setting Spray, which is homed in a limited edition bottle.

The collection is priced between £6-£11 and they’ll be donating to two organisations alongside the Pride campaign.

The brand is working with Black Pride UK and Stonewall throughout the year, and they’ve confirmed that £1 from every purchase of a product from the Pride collection will be donated to the organisations.

NYX Cosmetics say: “Our role as an ally is to be the microphone, not the script. We listen and learn, and then use our resources and platform to create and protect safe spaces and places where LGBTQIA+ people of colour can create, perform and express themselves freely”.

They’re also asking NYX Cosmetics fans to show off their iconic looks that they’ve created using the limited edition collection which are being reposted to Instagram.

To find out more about the NYX Cosmetics Pride range head to nyxcosmetics.co.uk and you can shop the range at Boots.

Pride Month 2022

A number of brands have started to release their Pride-themed collections for 2022.

However, each year brands come under fire for chasing after the “pink pound” with their Pride clothing and ignoring LGBT+ people for the rest of the year.

In order to combat this, in recent years a number of brands have collaborated with LGBT+ artists and highlighted exactly how much money they’ll be donating to LGBT+ charities, and which charities will benefit from the Pride clothing sales.

This includes Target who have teamed up with queer, female-founded brands, TomboyX and Humankind for two limited edition ranges in 2022.

While Converse has launched its main collection alongside “Converse By You”, which lets fans create their own personalised “All Star” patch, license plate and laces, using the Progress Pride flag colours.

Levi’s has confirmed a $100,000 donation to OutRightAction International alongside its collection, watch brand Skagen will donate all proceeds from its Pride range to InterPride throughout June.

Another recent release is Dr. Martens who have reimagined their classic 1461 shoes with a subtle rainbow design against the monochrome white base.