Elliot Page radiates trans joy as he changes passport photo after transition

Elliot Page over the moon as he updates passport photo after transition

Elliot Page is beaming with pride and pure trans joy after updating his passport photo to reflect his gender identity since transitioning.

The 35-year-old Juno and Umbrella Academy actor posted the steely-eyed, straight-faced photo to Instagram, stating he “never thought I would love a passport photo”.

The photo represents presumably the first passport photo that accurately represents his gender since he came out as trans in December 2020.

Fans loved the photo, with one commenting: “Lucky you. I look like a lesbian serial killer.”

Kirsten Smith, writer of Legally Blonde, said: “Passport agent: ‘Welcome to our country, you stone fox.'”


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The Umbrella Academy showrunner revealed that he rewrote the latest season of the Netflix show after Elliot Page came out, stating that he reached out to charity GLAAD to make sure the storyline was accurate and inclusive.

After Page revealed that their character Viktor would come out as trans in season three, creator and showrunner Steve Blackman shared in an interview with ET that he wove Viktor’s journey into the series not at the request of Page, but because it felt right for the character.

“I had already finished the season, the writers were gone, scripts were finished and I got a call from Elliot one day saying, ‘I’m transitioning’,” Blackman recalled. “I was very happy for him.”

He continued: “To his credit, he didn’t demand that I write it into the story. He said, ‘Do what you want. I trust you. Write it in, don’t write it in, whatever you want to do.’ Elliot is very kind like that.”

Page added in an interview with Seth Meyers that transitioning has “improved my life drastically”.

“I hope, you know, I hope maybe people who do have an issue with me can maybe try and hear that, or embrace that on some level,” he said.