Christian homophobe claims to ‘speak on behalf of God’ as she rages against LGBTQ+ library books

Lady preaching to group

A video has gone viral showing a Christian woman rallying against LGBTQ+ books in a US library, and telling people they will go to hell for supporting them. 

In the clip, she refers to books which show LGBTQ+ lives as “devices of Satan”.

The three-minute video surfaced on Twitter, with one clip having accrued more than 79,000 views since Wednesday (28 September).

In the video a woman is seen standing in front of a library group in Maury County, Tennessee, after “pretending she was on the side of LGBTQ+” people, the clip states.

She introduces herself as Stephanie and says she’s speaking on behalf of millennials.

“I speak on behalf of God almighty, my husband, the daughter in my womb and every law abiding God fearing taxpaying citizen here in Maury County,” she says.

“There can not be perversion in this county, this country… We moved here from Indiana to start our family.

“I will not raise kids in a county that has sexual oriented books on the counter.”

At this point the person filming the video interjects to tell the listeners: “She is not on our side.” 

But she continues to rant: “We need to stand together and open our eyes and understand that God’s judgement is for Christians and non-Christians.”

“And the fear of the lord if it is not upon you it will be upon you in hell.”

The crowd look visibly frustrated as they continue to listen to the lengthy sermon.

“This was here by the grace of God to educate not pervert and not ruin our mindset. We don’t get to let the devices of Satan take this country down.”

By the end of her rant she declares she won’t let her children be raised in a county that have “sexual oriented books”.

She continues, linking the gay community with pedophilia and ranting about taking children to bars.

“Understand that you serve our country second. You serve our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob first,” she concludes.

‘We don’t know her’

People were quick to comment under the video, with one user saying: “She isn’t a Christian with all that hate.”

“On behalf of millennials – we don’t know her,” another responded.

This Tennessee incident comes after more than 300 people in Orange City, lowa, signed a petition to demand the local library get rid of any books with LGBTQ+ themes.  

Genderqueer author Maia Kobabe said it’s “really dangerous and unfair” to ban young people from accessing books with information about LGBTQ+ issues and sex.