Drag Race Italia Ru-veals season two queens including Big Brother star and Barack Obama tribute

Bella ciao! The cast and release date of Drag Race Italia season two has been revealed by World of Wonder and Discovery+, featuring the best drag talent Italy has to offer – including one queen named after a US president.

Priscilla returns for a second season as host, alongside actress Chiara Francini and influencer Tommaso Zorzi, who will join her on the judging panel to find the successor to season one champion, Elektra Bionic.

The full cast of queens has been revealed as Aura Eternal, La Diamond, Gioffrè, Narciso, Nehellenia, Obama, Panthera Virus, La Petite Noire, Skandalove and Tanissa Yoncè.

Obama? I barely know her.

Before the series premieres on 20 October, here’s a closer look at the full cast of queens in the newly released teaser trailer:

Aura Eternal


23-years-old, from Mondello (Palermo).

Aura has excellent singing skills, having graduated from the Conservatory, and began drag to mix her two greatest passions of make-up and music; she’s inspired by divas like Mariah Carey and Linda Evangelista.

The message Aura Eternal wants to communicate to her audience is one of free love without prejudice; the hunger for freedom; and the desire to be whoever you want, always and in any case.

La Diamond

34-years-old, from Riesi (Caltanissetta).

La Diamond is one of the most known and appreciated drag queens in Italy not only for her talent on stage and for her beauty, but also for her reputation as a highly skilled stylist.

Artistically born in 2011 after seeing drag queens for the first time and making tailored costumes for them, over the years her flair and creativity lead her to become an example for her Italian colleagues.


25-years-old, from New York.

Gioffré’s drag character mixes horror and glamour in a “manifestation of the surreal”. She is known for her dark image through the crazy costumes and accessories that she makes herself.

In the years she spent in New York, her character has undergone a real transformation, inheriting her style from the American drag queens she worked with.


Narciso is a drag singer originally from Frosinone, now living in Rome.

A professional singer, Narciso was a finalist in the songwriter category of the Tour Music Fest, one of the most important and appreciated international contests for new talents.

Determined, refined and thoughtful, Narciso is an androgynous singing superstar.


32-years-old, from Fiumicino (Rome).

Nehellenia is a drag queen of many talents: she knows how to sew and is a very skilled make-up artist and hair stylist.

Irony and fun are an essential part of her drag, however she does not want to limit herself to just being a comedy queen. At Drag Race Italia, she’ll bring good humour in her one goal: to get as far as possible.


32-years-old, from Rome.

Of Senegalese origins, Obama began drag in the early 2000s under the name ‘Naomo’. However, she established herself in the Italian drag scene as ‘Obama’ in honour of Barack Obama, who became president of the United States in the same year, 2009.

Her drag is inspired by beauty icons Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell. In 2018, out of drag, she participated in Big Brother, but sees Drag Race Italia as an opportunity to make another part of herself known.

Panthera Virus

27-years-old, from Florence.

Panthera Virus is the drag daughter of season one’s Ava Hanger.

Panthera is a dark-fetish queen in style, and she likes to define herself as a drag queen with a thousand personalities, capable of being something different every time.

Before Drag Race Italia, she only performed in clubs a few times, but is determined to become a respected professional and is not afraid of the other competitors.

La Petite Noire

32-years-old, from Palermo.

La Petite Noire’s name is inspired by Coco Chanel’s Petite Robe Noire. She is a dancing beauty queen who expresses all the uniqueness of the new generation of Italian drag queens.

In her career, La Petite Noire has won several awards: Miss Drag Queen Sicily 2014; Miss National Drag Factor and Miss Beauty Queen 2015; Miss Drag Queen Emotion and Miss Muccassassina 2017; and Miss Beauty Queen Italia 2019.


33-years-old, from Bari.

Skandalove’s is a story of a comeback queen after years of inactivity. She became very famous in the first half of the last decade, breaking into the drag scene at a very young age, winning numerous national competitions with her enormous talent, versatility, charm and technical skill.

Drag Race Italia has given her the opportunity to take back the stage and prove that she is still number one.

Tanissa Yoncè

28-years-old, from Sicily.

Tanissa Yoncè defines herself as “the most beautiful drag queen in Sicily”, perhaps because she has won the Beauty Queen Sicily competition three times in 2015, 2018 and 2021.

She is sunny, colorful; the quintessential vibe of Sicily. She makes high quality clothes and is bringing all her Sicilian character to Drag Race Italia.

Drag Race Italia Season 2 will air weekly from Thursday 20 October, exclusively on WOW Presents Plus.