Hellraiser remake with trans icon Jamie Clayton finally drops – and the verdict is in

The new Hellraiser reboot has finally dropped on Hulu, and fans are obsessed with trans actor Jamie Clayton role as Pinhead.

The film is a fresh take on Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic, in which a young woman (Odessa A’Zion) struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites – extra-dimensional, demonic beings.

Trans actor Jamie Clayton – best known for her role in queer supernatural drama Sense8 – plays the film’s main antagonist,The Priest, affectionately known as Pinhead.

Her performance has been labelled a stand-out, with fans praising her as “the perfect Pinhead”.

Overall, the film has gone down well, with many hailing it a worthy follow-up to the cult classic.

One fan praised the remake as “thrilling and exciting”, noting that while it pays homage to the 1987 original, it takes on its own identity as well.

“The new Hellraiser pays homage to the original with its brutality and glorious new take on Pinhead & the Cenobites. … Thrilling and exciting in parts, it’s not a complete triumph but still pretty frickin’ rad,” they said.

Most critics have been equally impressed, with IGN writing: “Hellraiser is a soulful revival of a soulless horror legend that never tries to oust Clive Barker’s original.

“Jamie Clayton is the Pinhead a new generation deserves… a heady calibration of ‘pain or pleasure’ storytelling brings Hellraiser 2022 screaming with glee into a reinvigorated ready-to-franchise configuration.”

IndieWire write that while it’s a “solidly gory nightmare”, it’s “free of all the sexy subversion that got it here in the first place.”

The Guardian, however, write that the “stylish goth horror remake is as sadisitic as it is silly”

And, as ever with Twitter, there was time for some thirst.

If you’re part of the ‘gay and scared of horror films’ club, not only are you valid and seen, but you simply remember Pinhead from either Gottmik’s Drag Race season 13 finale runway, or from Megan Thee Stallion’s Hallowe’en costume, the former of which was inspired by the latter.