Madonna wows with her Halloween costume: ‘You came for the treat but I’ve got the trick’

A screenshot from Madonna's Instagram post showing her dressed up as Queen Elizabeth I for Halloween

The Queen of Pop’s Halloween costume has ripped our wigs – and heads – clean off with her recreation of Queen Elizabeth I.

Taking to Instagram to post a slideshow of various shots of the costume, complete with powder-white face and ginger hair, fans have gagged over the look.

In her look as the Tudor monarch, Madonna wears a giant hoop skirt, a red and gold gilded corset, a bejeweled headdress and scepter, and a huge collared neck ruff – she’s never one to do anything in half measures

Captioning the photo: “A Haunting Fairytale………” alongside various spooky emojis such as a crown and a pumpkin, the singer’s video has been liked more than 143,000 times.

Paris Hilton commented with a heart eye and a queen emoji, and fans have similarly shown their adoration for the singer.


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“MamaDonna needs to wear this outfit in a Music Video,” one commented.

Another said: “Use this for the opening of the new tour!!!!”

“Madonna needs to start in a TV series, a movie, anything. These looks should be captured in cinema.”

She was joined by her son David Banda, 17, and her twin daughters Stelle and Estere, 10.

David was dressed as Disney villain Dr Facilier from The Princess and The Frog, while Stelle and Estere wore Maleficent and a gorgeous princes costume – both featuring headdresses of their own.

In a separate Instagram story, the “Like A Prayer” pop star addresses the camera, waving her sceptre around and saying: “When will you understand that I am a person and not a thing.”

Channeling the Queen of Hearts, she said: “Off with your head.”

“You came for the treat but I’ve got the trick.”

“I smell a rat.”

“No candy? Let them eat cake.”

We’re pretty sure that last one wasn’t Elizabeth I, but we’ll let Madonna off, because she’s Madonna.

The videos are playing alongside the iconic Addam’s Family theme tune.