The ‘I hate gay Halloween parties’ meme is the funniest thing you’ll see on the internet today

RuPaul on The Weakest Link in 2001 (left) replicated for Halloween in 2023 (right).

If there’s one thing that queer people love more than Halloween, it’s a hilariously niche, objectively gay pop culture reference and meme – and this year, the LGBTQ+ community has merged them all.

Sorry Freddy Krueger, Chucky and Pennywise; for Halloween 2023, queer people are only interested in dressing up in the most incredibly out-of-the-box, meme-able costumes possible.

Think RuPaul‘s infamous appearance on The Weakest Link, Big Brother housemate Yinrun in the big wig challenge, or singer Reneé Rapp promoting Sweetgreen salad.

The trend has sparked a now viral meme on X (formerly Twitter), with LGBTQ+ people across the world sharing their pop culture costumes. “I hate gay Halloween parties,” the meme begins. “What do you mean you’re…” followed by a wild reference that only terminally online queers would get.

Here are some of the very best:

RuPaul shouting “Chaka Khan!” when she didn’t know the answer to a Weakest Link question lives in my mind rent free.

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Big Miss Steak

Big Miss Steak is everything: she’s a timeless meme, a definite tea spiller, a rap song, and now a Halloween costume. Give her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right now.

Reneé Rapp promoting Sweetgreen salad in a bag

The best thing about turning niche pop culture into Halloween outfits? It’s cheap!

Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint’s ‘Oh, the fracking?‘ moment

Drag stars Bob The Drag Queen and Peppermint cemented themselves as the very best duo to ever come from RuPaul’s Drag Race with their viral “Oh, the fracking?” meme. We thank them for their service.

Lady Gaga’s migraine

Historic hitmaker and migraine sufferer Lady Gaga was described as an “actual patient” in an advert for Rimegepant brand Nurtec ODT earlier this year. For some reason, it became iconic.

Big Brother‘s Yinrun in the big wig challenge

Big Brother UK returned to screens in early October after five years away, and instantly birthed an icon with housemate Yinrun. From hiding from the rest of her housemates as soon as she walked into the house, to innocently proclaiming she’d “never say the N word again” (meaning nominations), Yinrun deserves a damehood. Her wearing a towering wig in an early challenge was a highlight.

Go Piss Girl

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf telling fellow character Serena van der Woodsen to “Go Piss Girl” via a jumbled version of the Gossip Girl title screen became one of the most viral memes of 2020.

We’re not too sure how or why, but it’s maintained momentum, and has cemented itself in meme lore.

Lana Del Rey working at Waffle House

The internet was baffled when six-time Grammy nominee Lana Del Rey appeared to be working a shift at Waffle House over the summer. She later clarified that she’s a regular at one branch, and the servers had encouraged her to put on a shirt and serve a coke to a customer.

A photo was taken, and the nternet – and the Halloween gays – have continued to run with it.

Lydia Tár as AvaTár

Want to dress as Cate Blanchett’s abusive lesbian music conductor Lydia Tár but fancy spicing it up a bit? We’ve got the costume for you.

The lockers from Bottoms

Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri are gay, untalented losers in Emma Seligman’s hit sapphic film Bottoms. But if you want a Halloween costume that’s a little more interesting than “gay high schoolers”, why not go as their spray-painted lockers?

A swan in a Björk dress

Going as Björk wearing the swan dress she wore at the 2001 Oscars would be a niche enough reference as it is. Want to add an extra layer of chaos? In the words of Missy Elliot, flip it and reverse it.

Theresa May crying in her car

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Former British prime minister Theresa May was captured looking teary-eyed in her car in 2019, following her struggle to secure a Brexit deal. Years later, and she might not be prime minister anymore, but she is a gay Halloween costume, so that’s something.

The Paris bed bugs

The great bed bug plague of 2023 has continued to cause panic in its origin city Paris and beyond, with Londoners terrified that the little pests have travelled to the capital via Eurostar. Yet if there’s one thing queer people know how to do, it’s turn trauma into laughs.

A bottle of poppers

There’s not an awful lot to say about this one.