Drag Race UK: BBC called out by queens after mixing up Baby and Black Peppa

A promotional still of Drag Race UK's Baby smiling as she wears a silver-white dress and stands in front of a white curtain backdrop

Drag Race UK star Baby has spoken out after a BBC social media video mistook her for fellow contestant Black Peppa.

In a since-deleted video bidding farewell to Dakota Schiffer, the eliminated queen was asked who she had grown closest to on the cast.

In the clip, posted by BBC Three’s Drag Race UK Twitter accountSchiffer said that it was difficult to choose, but answered Starlet, Baby and Danny Beard.

When she said Baby’s name, a picture of Black Peppa appeared.

Baby took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction at the mixup.

I know I’m late to the party but I genuinely hope the person who edited @dakota_schiffer’s farewell video gets f**king fired,” she wrote.

“It’s so embarrassing that someone on the @dragraceukbbc socials team can’t differentiate between the only two black girls on the cast”

A fan asked what happened, prompting the South London queen to tweet a screenshot of the video.

In reply to another fan, she added: “It’s just crazy to me because they would never confuse Danny for Pixie or Dakota for Starlet… But, when it comes to the black girls, everyone wants to play dumb, deaf and blind. interesting…”

Black Peppa, whose image was shown next to Baby’s name, seconded Baby’s upset at video, calling it “lazy and disgusting”.

Danny Beard, another season four queen, wrote: “Ugh.” Dakota Schiffer retweeted Baby’s original message.

Fans have slammed BBC Three for the mistake, emphasising that “NEVER EVER has anyone on the Drag Race team confused 2 white queens”.

“Baby & Black Peppa look NOTHING ALIKE, they are just both black,” wrote one fan.

In a statement to PinkNews, BBC Three said it was “deeply sorry about this error”.

A spokesperson said: “As soon as the mistake was spotted the video was removed from all social platforms and we have sincerely apologised to both Baby and Black Peppa. We also want to extend our sincere apologies to anyone else that this post offended.”