DC superhero Robin shares first kiss with boyfriend – and fans are screaming with joy

Cover art for DC Comics Tim Drake: Robin #6 shows Tim Drake, Batman's sidekick Robin, kissing his boyfriend

Batman’s faithful sidekick Robin has finally shared his first kiss with his boyfriend, and DC fans are absolutely here for the queer joy.

Tim Drake, better known to the world as Robin, asked out his current boyfriend Bernard Dowd in August 2021 – letting the entire world know the sidekick and hero is part of the LGBTQ+ community. Now, he shared his first on-page kiss with his boyfriend, and it’s truly swoon-worthy.

New cover art for Tim Drake: Robin #6 showed Drake, dressed in his Robin uniform, holding Dowd closely as the couple shares a passionate kiss in the moonlight. 

Fans on social media were ecstatic to see the first Timber – the ship name for Drake and Dowd – on-page kiss and for it to be featured so prominently in the issue. 

The issue, which comes out on 28 February 2023, will see Robin come “face-to-voice with the villain who’s been taunting” the young hero with his “metahuman powers to create ghostly animals”.

Robin will need to figure out how to handle the chaos this villain creates alongside dealing with his relationship.

The kiss marked a major turning point in Tim Drake’s journey that began in the 2021 series Batman: Urban Legends. In the comics, Drake reunited with Dowd, his old friend and former classmate, after a long time apart. 

It’s revealed that Dowd is a huge fan of Robin, and he was unaware that the hero he’s obsessed with is Drake when the pair reconnected. 

Dowd was kidnapped by evildoers, and Drake had a “lightbulb moment” about his sexuality while fighting side by side with his friend. After the battle, Drake asked the other man out on a date. 

Robin coming out as bisexual made international headlines. Many fans were happy to welcome another LGBTQ+ hero into the queer DC pantheon, which also includes Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy