Queer icon Meg Stalter has The White Lotus season 3 absolutely nailed in this clip

Meg Stalter in The White Lotus sketch. (@megstalter/Twitter)

“Hi Gay” icon Meg Stalter spiritually embodied the chaotic The White Lotus vibes in her latest skit pretending to be the hotel manager.

It’s no secret that season two of the HBO show has the girls, gays and theys in a chokehold with high camp drama, Jennifer Coolidge and iconic gay characters.

Set in a luxury hotel resort, each season of The White Lotus visits a new location with a new cast of characters – and Stalter hit the nail on her head with her pitch for season three.

Stalter plays the manager of The White Lotus Jamaica, guiding new arrivals as murder, sex and drug-fuelled drama unfolds.

Because what’s the The White Lotus without sex and nudity galore for staff and guests to just… stumble in on.

“Yeah boring work day, none of the guests have cheated on their wives for two hours… kidding,” she jokes.

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She even addresses one of the biggest questions fans have about season two, why are the guests always eating at the hotel when they are literally in Italy.

Of course, people have taken this as Meg’s audition tape for the show, with one person writing: “I would 1000 per cent watch you as the concierge. They should call you.”

Another simply added: “Actually she’s perfect for this role.”

Season two is about to air its finale, finally revealing whose were the dead bodies discovered back in episode one.

The biggest moment of the season came when Tom Hollander’s character was seen having sex with a man thought to be his nephew – creator Mike White justified the incest-coded scene as making gay sex “transgressive again”.

This is not the first time Meg has captured the global mood, with her hilarious skit mocking the performative nature of Pride month going viral.

It gave birth to the iconic queer phrase “hi gay” and completely slated the cringness of corporate pride.

The White Lotus season finale will air on Monday (12 December) on Sky Atlantic.