The White Lotus season 2 kicks off with full-frontal nude scene and fans are thirsting hard

Theo James in The White Lotus

The White Lotus star Theo James has revealed why writers had to ‘tone down’ the nudity in the show’s second season – but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of stripping off.

The second instalment of the comedy drama features a new cast of characters and a new White Lotus holiday resort for viewers to sink their teeth into, after the first season’s rave-reviews. Among them is Theo James’ character Cameron Braddock; a very wealthy businessman with a large bank account.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, James joked that given his exceptionally long history of onscreen nudity, it’s now written into his contract.

“It is in my contract that I’m not allowed to do anything without being completely naked,” he said, explaining how getting naked in front of the camera “felt natural”.

In the season’s first episode, James’ Braddock strips off (while being watched by his friend’s wife – classic White Lotus), and gives viewers quite an eyeful.


“It’s interesting, [because] at first… we don’t know whether it’s deliberate or [if] it’s accidental. But it reveals itself.”

But the actor teased that audiences will later realise “there’s a purpose to it”.

Co-star Meghann Fany agreed, adding that the scenes are “never arbitrary… it’s always character-driven. It’s always, you know, moving the [story] forward”.

James is no stranger to baring all on camera, having previously stripped down in HBO’s The Time Traveller’s Wife and Sanditon on PBS.

And the Divergent actor said what ended up onscreen in The White Lotus was cut down footage from what was originally shot.

“The initial version we shot was way too much. So, we did a more subtle version,” he revealed. “They toned it [down].”

If that was the toned down version, we’re not entirely sure what they filmed first time round, to be honest.

And Twitter has – predictably – erupted, with the actor trending the m.

One user, alongside a picture of shocked RuPaul, wrote: “Did I just see Theo James CAWK!!!”

Yes, you did.

“It’s funny ’cause we’re all kind of naked,” James added, explaining, “It’s a holiday show, really.”

We can’t wait for the rest of the season! If we’re honest, though, Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage’s rimming scene from season one walked, so Theo James’ getting his equipment out could run.