Lauren Boebert bizarrely accuses senators of ‘sexualising’ children by voting for spending bill

Lauren Boebert wears a dark outfit as she stands inside a building

Lauren Boebert bizarrely accused senators of ‘sexualising’ children because a proportion of a $1.7 trillion federal spending bill is going to LGBTQ+ programmes. 

Boebert listed the reasons behind why she rallied against the omnibus bill in a recorded video posted on social media. The bill would fund critical government operations across federal agencies and provide emergency aid for Ukraine and natural disaster relief. 

But Boebert, who has made her opposition to the LGBTQ+ community clear, was more pressed about a small percentage of the bill where spending was earmarked for LGBTQ+ youth programmes across the US. She accused the senators who helped pass the bill of wanting to “sexualise” children. 

“I have one question for the senators wanting to pass this $1.7 trillion omnibus bill,” the Colorado Republican said in the video. “Why do you want to sexualise our children? I have four boys, and this law is targeting children of their ages all across America.”

Boebert referred to roughly $2.38 million in grants for LGBTQ+ youth programmes in places like San Diego, California; Long Island, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Lake Worth Beach, Florida – none of them having anything to do with Colorado, where Boebert and her sons live. 

The funding towards the programmes she cited makes up less than 0.00014 per cent of the total $1.7 trillion spending bill.

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Lauren Boebert speaks into a microphone with a red, white and blue US flag in the background
Lauren Boebert claimed she’s “working hard” in the US capitol to “protect the freedoms of all Americans” despite opposing rights for LGBTQ+ people. (Getty)

“This isn’t about consenting adults living their lives,” Boebert said before claiming she’s “working hard” in the US capitol to “protect the freedoms of all Americans”. 

This is despite Lauren Boebert voting against the Respect for Marriage Act, which would protect some same-sex marriage rights if the Supreme Court overturns Obergefell v Hodges

She claimed the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, is actually about the “supremacy of gays” and other LGBTQ+ people above all other Americans. 

Boebert also called the legislation “dangerous” and “disgusting” as well as vilified trans girls and athletes during a hateful rant on the House floor. 

Lauren Boebert claimed in the video that the spending bill “funds the sexualisation” of children which she believed is “disgusting”, “un-American” and “wrong”.

Despite Boebert’s protests, the House on Friday (23 December) passed 225 to 201 the $1.7 trillion bill to fund the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year, sending it to president Joe Biden.

The legislation provides $44.9 billion in military, humanitarian and economic assistance for Ukraine, according to a summary released earlier this week by a Senate committee. 

It would also provide $613 million for the fourth year of the domestic HIV and AIDS elimination initiative as well as over $6.7 billion to combat the disease abroad.