Jeffree Star claims he ‘escaped the Illuminati’, says Hollywood elite tried to ‘ruin his career’

Jeffree Star wearing a green suit and sporting long blonde hair standing against a pink background.

Controversial YouTuber Jeffree Star has claimed he “escaped the illuminati” and that Hollywood tried to ruin his career.

In a series of tweets, Star suggested the “Hollywood elite” circulated lies about him – and he claimed Britney Spears and Kanye West are victims of the same system.

“What a crazy f**king year,” Star tweeted.

“I escaped the illuminati in 2021 and they still haven’t killed me. Every day I wake up grateful.”

He continued: “In 2020 I was going to expose everything… In a matter of days, The Hollywood elite tried to ruin my entire career, villainise me and flooded the news with lies to discredit me,” he wrote.

“If you guys only knew the truth about what they are doing to Britney & Kanye.

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“Anyone who challenges the system gets eliminated.”

Hours later, he added: “I still have a soul. Can’t say that about a lot of these demons I used to surround myself with.”

Jeffree Star has been accused of racism and sexual abuse

Star’s comments come after a turbulent few years for the one-time YouTube star and beauty mogul.

In 2020, Star found himself in hot water when images and an archive of his old website Lipstick Nazi resurfaced. The website featured pictures of swastikas.

In October of that year, Insider published an exposé in which people claimed he physically and sexually abused others while at the height of his MySpace fame.

Five people told the publication that he used a taser on a homeless teen in 2009 after the man rejected his advances.

That same teenager claimed Star sexually assaulted him.

Star has denied all the allegations, with his lawyers branding them “false and defamatory”.

The YouTuber – who recently relocated to Wyoming – has also faced condemnation for his past racist remarks. In 2017, he apologised, branding the comments “disgusting, vile, nasty and embarrassing”.

PinkNews has contacted representatives for Jeffree Star for comment.

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