Marvel’s gay Captain America makes mysterious return ahead of major crossover event

Aaron Fischer in a navy blue mask with the letter A on it and a pair of dungarees, while holding a Captain American shield.

An openly queer rendition of Captain America is finally returning to Marvel Comics and fans are beyond excited.

Aaron Fischer – the unabashedly queer Captain America of the railways – will make his return in the upcoming eighth issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

The comic, which is set to release on Wednesday (4 January), sees Fischer team up with Steve Rogers to help bring various heroes back together after a mysterious calamity pulled them apart.

During the preview, Rogers praises Fischer for “doing the good work” and helping to save those in need.

Along with other iconic characters, including Nick Fury, the group try to work out what caused them to lose their memories and scatter across America.

The 31-page comic, written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, is set to prepare readers for the upcoming crossover event in spring 2023.

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Captain America: Cold War will see both comic series Sentinels of Liberty and Symbol of Truth collide in an all-out war.

Whether Fischer will join both Rogers and fellow hero Sam Wilson in the crossover remains yet to be seen, but fans are hoping his return will confirm whether that is the case.

Aaron Fischer, wielding a red and blue Captain America shield, fends of bad guys.
Aaron Fischer was first introduced in 2021 and is the first queer Captain America. (Marvel Comics)

The character was first introduced by writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jan Bazaldua in 2021’s United States of Captain America.

He is a powerless member of the vigilante group known as the “Captains Network” which aims to protect their community in various ways.

Fischer joined the network after fleeing his home due to his homophobic father, eventually donning the alter ego as a way to empower himself.

Trujillo said that the hero was inspired by the “real-life heroes of the queer community,” and that Fischer “stands for the oppressed and the forgotten.”

He made various cameos within the miniseries, but had yet to return to a Marvel comic until Sentinel of Liberty #8.

Writer Collin Kelly tweeted on Sunday (1 January) that Fischer’s selection to appear in the comic was down to his role as a member of the Captains Network.

“Aaron – and everything that the Captain America Network represents – are one of the most important pieces of new Cap lore in a decade,” he said.

“‘Captain America’ is more than a person. It’s a promise.”

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