RuPaul’s Drag Race drops dramatic preview of season 15 Werk Room entrances: ‘delusion!’

A promotional picture of Drag Race Season 15 showing all the new drag queens posing around a pink sports car

The five-minute teaser of the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s fifteenth season gave us four queens, some face cracks, sickening looks and – you guessed it – delusion.

Posted to the official RuPaul’s Drag Race Twitter account, the sneak peek of the extra special two-hour premiere introduces Irene Dubois, Luxx Noir London, Aura Mayari and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (NB: not three separate Marcias) to the werkroom.

And – as one might expect – more shade than your average umbrella shop.

First up is Irene Dubois, who reveals that she is the drag sister of season fourteen finalist, Bosco: “She went the demon route, I went the alien route.”

The sci-fi-inspired alien queen is from Seattle (home of Drag Race’s only double-crowned queen ever, Jinkx Monsoon) and it seems, as the Vixen once said, she just came here to fight.

That’s according to her reaction to Luxx Noir London’s entrance, the season’s first sprinkling of tension is the dawn of the 40-inch-gate. Irene immediately clocks Luxx’s wig, asking: “What is that, 22 inches of premium human hair, honey?” Luxx’s reply: “It’s 40 inches, trust.”

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The episode’s first face crack is Luxx’s reaction to Irene then saying: “No it’s not. I think you might have gotten scammed, Miss Thing. Does anybody have a tape measure?”

Please join us in simply SCREAMING over this being the first conversation of the series.

We also get a classic read when Irene tells Luxx that the Werkroom reminds her of the latter’s face – “Brick.”

Contender for the crown and trade of this season of Drag Race is Aura Mayari, who is next into the werkroom. She does a cute little duckwalk on the spot, prompting Irene’s hilarious line: “Where she walking to?”

Nashville’s “best, most stunning and most electrifying drag performer” quickly establishes herself as a dance queen – with muscles to rival Kameron Michaels’s.

Everybody say, ‘Thank you, Aura’s biceps.’

According to Irene, Aura is doing “the utmost” upon her entrance – not as much as Luxx though, who tells the other two girls that she’s “just excited to win”.

“Delusion”, comes Irene’s reply.

Rounding out our glimpse at the first four queens of Drag Race‘s largest-ever cast is Marcia Marcia Marcia, or “Mom’s favourite”.

With a drag persona based on the Brady Bunch‘s most perfect character, Irene says: “She kinda looks like Jan.” Cue the episode’s second face crack in five minutes. Stay safe, Marcia!

It’s at this point that we’d like to formally place our bets for Miss Dubois as the winner of this season’s reading challenge.

Aura calls Marcia’s drag basic, we find out that Marcia and Luxx know each other outside the show, and that Marcia’s favourite artist to weaponise her BFA to is Ariana Grande.

Well, Marcia, just wait until you find out who the premiere’s guest judge is!

Twitter has, unsurprisingly, taken a sneak peek of Drag Race and ran with it.

Yet to be introduced to the werkroom are the franchise’s first-ever twins, Sugar and Spice and – the one to beat – Sasha Colby.

The 15th and “biggest” season of the flagship drag show is premiering on Friday 6 January at 8/7c on its new home on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on WOW Presents Plus on Saturday 7 January from 2am in the UK.

Everything else you need to know about season fifteen is available here.

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