Bianca Del Rio takes no prisoners as she reads heckler to filth in resurfaced video: ‘A must-watch’

Bianca Del Rio proves her skill as an insult comic. (MTV/Twitter/@GreenGayYT)

RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Bianca Del Rio is being praised after a resurfaced video showed them reading a heckler to filth during a performance.

Drag Race season six winner Bianca is infamous for her supreme roasting talents on stage – and this time was no different. 

In the clip, we see an audience member take the mic to complain about Bianca’s set, declaring that the queen offended the Latinx community.

Bianca, who is Hispanic herself, was having none of it, taking the mic back and proceeding to read the man for filth.

“B***h imma tell you this,” she began, “two things happened just now. You think you’re telling me a story, I know what the f**k I’m doing. I’m a man in a wig who has done this for 18 years.

“Yes I have a microphone now but I know you gonna have a microphone tomorrow for when you going to that drive-thru.

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“What I want you to know is that if I want your bulls**t, I’ll drive to your motherf**king window. So don’t come up here and place your order with me.

“You want me to p**s you off worse? Selena is dead,” they finished as the crowd erupted into laughter and cheers. 

But they didn’t carry on without one last quip, telling the audience: “You know what I hate? I hate it when my dad shows up.”

One person took to Twitter joking that the video of Bianca at a live gig is a “must watch for newer Drag Race fans” – and they are not wrong. 

Even Bianca herself joined in on the reminiscing, tweeting “A MOMENT” in response to the video making the rounds. 

Of course people are living for the iconic lines, and sharing their respect for Bianca’s epic takedown.

“She’s quicker, sharper and just as dangerous as the sewing needles she uses to make her own gowns. She could give half of her multi talents away and still be the one to beat,” one person wrote.

While another astutely pointed out: “I would never, in a million years, heckle Bianca. Clearly he did not watch her season…”

Of course Bianca tore the audience member to bits, with one person joking: “Rumour has it he’s still crawled up in a feral position at that drive through.”

Another commented: “I would never be able to show my face again after being read to filth like that…”

Some were even envying the audience member’s position, knowing the privilege of being read by Bianca Del Rio.

And many renewed the clamours to get the icon on to the next season of Drag Race All Stars stat.

The queen has dipped her toe back into Drag Race waters as the new host of the post-show series The Pit Stop for season 15.