Drag Race fans debating ‘funniest moments ever’ is the most joyful thing to happen this year

A screenshot from Drag Race shows drag queen Jinkx Monsoon's dressed as Judy Garland for her impression of the star on All Stars 7's snatch game, alongside a screenshot of RuPaul wearing a green dress laughing.

Drag Race fans reflected on the show’s funniest ever moments, creating one of the most joyful Twitter threads of all time.

Content creator Drag Tea Served With Matt kicked off the discussion by asking his followers for their views on which Drag Race scene is the funniest, accompanied by a screenshot of Alexis Mateo in All Stars 5.

It kicked off a mammoth discussion, with fans and queens alike weighing in – including Ms Mateo herself.

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Despite being panned by fans, All Stars 5 does have some hilarious moments

Recalling the moment that started it all – when the lid of her Ru-pellent can popped off during All Stars 5’s acting challenge, Alexis Mateo said she initially thought she was “being set up by the producers”.

Many shouted out Jujubee, who is as synonymous with Drag Race as RuPaul himself at this point, having competed in four seasons of the franchise.

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Her best moment, though? It’s arguably from All Stars 5’s Snatch Game, where she played singer Eartha Kitt.

Queen of all queens Jinkx Monsoon features heavily, obviously

From name-dropping Judy Garland slayer Dave during the Snatch Game to her string of Yvie Oddly d**k jokes, the All Stars 7 winner is easily one of the funniest queens to ever grace the Drag Race stage.

RuPaul himself provides some of the best laughs

RuPaul’s coffee enema-infused laugh is enough to turn a funny moment into a chaotically hysterical one.

Take the time he laughed manically for 30 seconds straight when Utica denied, then admitted, to smoking weed.

Talking of Utica, there was the moment during the season 13 roast where she asked Ru to stand up – giving us one of his best reactions to date.

It wasn’t just the American queens that were shown love. The Vivienne’s scarily accurate Donald Trump impersonation. Bimini’s “not a joke, just a fact”, line. Spankie Jackzon’s entire existence.

Some of Drag Race’s best bits have undeniably come from the international seasons.

Jimbo’s Joan Rivers impersonation on Canada’s Drag Race is up there as one of the best in the show’s herstory, while Tia Kofi not even trying to sell her frightful green dress is a personal favourite.

Drag Race queens weighed in with their funniest moments

Some of the show’s stars shared their thoughts too.

Season 13’s Rosé said that her funniest moment was Adore and Gia during season six’s ‘Scream Queens’ acting challenge.

The clip that makes Canada’s Drag Race queen Eve 6000 howl the most is from All Stars 7, where Jaida Essence Hall is still laughing, trying to work out which cast mate allegedly slept with Monet X Change.

Some of the biggest LOLs aren’t even from Drag Race

Drag is dominating the mainstream, meaning Drag Race girls are getting the chance to make us all cackle even when they’re not on the show.

Bob The Drag Queen and Peppermint are absolute magic together, despite never appearing on the same Drag Race season.

But is it fashion?

Queen of the people Kelly Mantle talking about her behind-the-scenes experience will forever be iconic, while Ru on his “What’s The Tee” podcast trying to guess which season Katya was on is also truly beautiful content.

All in all, this magical thread alone is proof that Drag Race is one of the most precious TV series to ever grace our screens, and we can’t wait for the next viral moment to arrive. We are not worthy.