Sam Smith turns heads with jaw-dropping latex look at Brit Awards 2023 and the memes are hilarious

Sam Smith wearing a black Valentino latex suit on the Brit Awards red carpet.

There’s only one name on everyone’s lips following the 2023 Brit Awards red carpet, and that’s Sam Smith.

The “Unholy” singer turned more than a few heads by arriving at tonight’s event (11 February) donning a head-to-toe, avant-garde black latex suit by Valentino – complete with inflated shoulders and knees.

Social media reacted according, with an equal amount of adoration, eye-rolling discourse and glorious memes.

“Sam Smith has taken a massive swig of the ‘I’m me, f**k the haters’ juice, and I am obsessed. YES SAM,” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “I love this, mainly because of the meltdown it will cause amongst the Karen’s and homophobes.”

“Not a massive Sam Smith fan, but love how they are basically trolling everyone by this point,” said a third.

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The memes came in thick and fast, too, with Smith being compared to bin bags, balloons and, um, Squidward Tentacles.

Smith’s look has predictably brought the body shamers and trolls out of the woodwork, with some criticising them for the unapologetic look, and others simply resorting to intentionally misgendering them.

Bore Piers Morgan said Smith’s look proves the star is getting too “thirsty for attention”, childishly deciding to put their pronoun in inverted commas.

Many of the Grammy-award winning star’s fans have leapt to their defence.

“Sam Smith’s BRITs look is a slay sorry and if Violet Chachki wore it everyone would be wowing and bowing be serious,” wrote writer Harrison Brocklehurst.

Drag artist and viral sensation Bailey J Mills commended Smith for their “inspiring” look and condemned those within the queer community who appear intent on dragging them down: “I have started to put on a bit of weight the last few months and I’ve been super hard on myself but Sam Smith’s looks have been super inspiring showing body positivity,” they said. 

“I think it’s sad how many people in our own community are being horrible.”

Actor Kalen Allen agreed, adding: “Watching how y’all treat Sam Smith on this app showed me that a lot of you just grew up to be the bullies you say you despise.”

It’s unlikely that Smith will care too much about the haters, considering they are nominated for two awards tonight: Song of the Year, and best Pop/R&B Act.

They are hot off of a Grammy award win too, with Smith and trans icon Kim Petras winning the award for Pop Duo/Group Performance with their history-making single, “Unholy”.